How does President Obama differ from candidate Obama?

Besides the obvious of course, how does what he said then differ from what he is doing now?

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    Candidate Obama:

    "I have also opposed the Iraq war from the start, and believe that we need to bring our troops home by March of 2008";_ylt=AoYRlPwC5...

    President Obama

    Obama's so-called withdrawal plan envisions the continued occupation of Iraq by tens of thousands of US troops for years to come, and there are growing indications that even the limited withdrawals agreed to under the status of forces pact signed with the puppet Maliki government in Baghdad will not be fulfilled. Maliki himself this week declared that despite a June deadline for withdrawing US combat troops from Iraqi cities, none of them would be removed from any city in which there remained a potential for conflict.

    To the extent that troops are withdrawn from Iraq, it is to send them to Afghanistan, where the Obama administration is launching a major escalation.

    Candidate Obama spoke out against torture. President Obama keeps the same methods the Bush administration employed only with better PR. Obama is intent on preserving the quasi-dictatorial powers of the presidency. These methods, in the final analysis, are the necessary result not of “the war on terror,” but of the militarism of US society that rises out of a far deeper social crisis. The military commissions, like torture, arise inexorably from the policy of aggressive war, which Washington has embraced to offset the accelerating decline of American capitalism.

    The people who are saying he's not that different are right in a way too though. Obama kept everything he said vague, not conrete. He mislead people more than he outright lied.

    Mike Gravel said it at the time.

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    So did the blackagendareport

    “Mirage” is the best metaphor for Barack Obama. He shimmers on the horizon, a promise of…something. But as one draws closer, Obama dissipates into nothingness – which is his purpose.

    He offered them hopes and dreams but for anyone really paying attention his policies don't come as a surprise

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    1 decade ago

    I only spend 5 or 6 hours a week on this stuff, politics, not the 20 a week like during the campaign,

    candidate obama is pretty much doing what he said he was

    the foreign policy in iraq is changing, more troops in afganistan

    stem cell research

    he'll nominate a supreme court justice like ruth bader ginsberg

    i did not expect the 3.6trillion dollars of spending

    he was never specific as a candidate about that stuff

    to me it was all rorarsch when he talked, "im going to change and you're going to change america"

    i think he was specific about some of the stuff but not all the stuff

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    Being president, he now has the power to do all the things that president does. When he was a candidate, he was only involved in the politics of his area, and was campaigning to be president. As he is now president he has the power and responsibility of the president that the candidate didn't.

    There was also 'president elect' Obama. This was after he was elected but before his inauguration. He wasn't president at that time, so like when he was candidate, he didn't have the powers of the president.

  • 4 years ago

    Are you a Hillary supporter? If not, why do you keep posting these smears against Obama? No one wants this divisive stuff anymore. And how can anyone continue to support Hillary when she's clearly gone around the bend, doesn't believe in math, and is living in Delusional World?

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    He has accomplished more than any elected president of the United States during the last 60 years. How did he do this? When he was elected in November 2008, he immediately, with permission from President George W. Bush, began being 'presidential' and fulfilling the requirements of such position. At this writing, President Obama still is working with much effort to alleviate the concerns and interests of all Americans. I believe that he is doing a magnificent job. God bless us all!

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    He said that he was going to end the War in Iraq. Then he said 18 month timetable. Now hes saying keep at least 35,000 troops in Iraq as a permanent security force and increase the number of troops in Afghanistan signifigantly and possibly go into Pakistan.

    If we were SMART more people would have voted for Ron Paul.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think the better question is How does the Democrats differ from the Republicans.. they are both out of touch. It's funny to see Americans fighting over Bush or Obama.. even though they are really the same.

  • Reba K
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    1 decade ago

    Now he's waiting for lazy Americans to realize that what he said during his campaign is true.

    Being surrounded by Neocons, he said repeatedly that he couldn't do anything without the help of the American people.

    What is it about that message that American people don't understand?

    Ok, it means, call and write to your legislators, your leaders. Go to those meetings and demand what you know is right.

    Otherwise, we will collapse into the initiatives of the few who want only to make a profit.

    Now PLEASE get busy and quit asking the obvious that you already know but don't want to do. Take action!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    candidate obama was promising everything he can, and president obama is so far not doing **** but being half black.

    this country is still racist if there voting for a person just cuz of his color, and if there dumb enough to think hes gonna fix all of our problems, they probably deserve the suffering thats coming soon.

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