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Jehovah’s Witnesses: What processes are in place to prevent the infiltration of your faithful discreet slave?

Most religions have systems of checks and balances, so that a leader who violates the sacred duties of his/her position can be removed. For example, even the Pope can be removed from his duties if it’s determined that he is mentally defective.

But how does this work with your religion? I understand that your governing body is unelected, appointed for life, and that the existing members invite new members to join. And the only way to get removed from the position is by majority vote of the current nine members. Isn’t that the truth?

In the past (as I’m sure you know), Satan infiltrated your “faithful slave class” in Brooklyn. So this is not a hypothetical scenario. But with the help of Jehovah, the existing members of your governing body were able to repel the attack and purge the cancer from their midst. Here’s what happened:

One member of your governing body (Leo Greenlees) was removed because he had long-standing pedophile practices, molesting ten-year old boys. Likewise, another governing body member (Ewart Chitty) was removed for sodomizing youthful JW men who came to receive training at Bethel (occurred over a 30 year period). Finally Raymond Franz was forced to resign after it was determined that he was an “insane apostate.” (He refused the society's offer of a monthly stipend as a member of the Infirm Special Pioneers.)

So as you can see, your governing body is not immune to satanic infiltrations (even the 12 apostles suffered from satanic infiltration by Judas).

The question is what you rank-and-file JWs would be able to do if Satan managed to get five of your nine leaders to turn and worship him. You have absolutely no process in place to purge the evil from your high places. Since your governing body has absolute power, there would be nothing you could do if the majority of them became “insane apostates,” sodomites, and/or pedophiles.

Am I wrong? And are you at all worried about this?

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    All we can do is hope that Jehovah's holy spirit will rid these these who claim to be the anointed.. I know it has happened. But they were found out.We ant be assured anything but what Gods spirit instructs us to do in the Bible. The only way one can be one of faithful and discret Slave class is to be annointed in your heart. These ones just know deep in their heart they want to be in heaven with Christ governing with him..When one feel he or she is one its prayed by the other Slave class,and it has nothing to a 9 to one vote..Thats mans way not gods.. Somtime a person out of emotion may feel that are on of the annointed, but in time they recant thier decision..This is not a sin..On March 30 Jehovahs witness' commerate jesues death, and if there are annointed ones they will partake of the emblems, Wine representing Jesues; blood and unleavened bread representing Christs body..All others who dont partake are just observers, we are there to show how we appreciate Christs death..Somwhere along the line you got some bad information.

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    Raymond Franz is the only former member of the 'governing body' who left of his own accord, with dignity and his spiritual life in tact.

    Jw's are very quick to accept the worst rumors and innuendo about anyone who chooses to leave the religion. Yet if they would only have the inner strength and courage to actually read Ray's comments about his experience as a member of the most powerful and influential group of men in the world of Jehovah's Witnesses, they would discover a man truly chagrined and saddened by what he observed while on that board.

    His book entitled "Crisis of Conscience" is aptly named. Any Jw who refuses to read it, is and will be forever in the dark about what transpired then and now among these so called 'faithful and discreet' body of men. The majority of them would rather pull the wool down, ignore any possibility that their cherished religion may be just another man made religion.

    I feel very sorry that man has imposed such fear into the hearts of those they control. God see's what is going on, even if they are blind to it.

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    Nope, not worried...the Faithful and Discreet Slave has proved to be just that, Faithful & Discreet!

    Besides I think your the one that should be worried, Jehovah's Witnesses are the only religion out there that actually follows this Biblical advice: “. . .while God judges those outside? “Remove the wicked [man] from among yourselves.”” (1 Corinthians 5:13) If you don't believe me ask a few ex JW's what's the "Real" reason they are on the outside looking in?

    Further more, your taking slanderous gossip and slanting it as factual info. What are the basis for your allegations concerning ex members of the Governing Body? I'm guessing it was by playing your version of "Apostate Chinese Wisper".

    * How to play

    * As many players (Apostates) as possible line up such that they can whisper to their immediate neighbors but not hear any of the Apostates farther away.

    * The Apostate at the beginning of the line thinks of a phrase, and whispers it as quietly as possible to his Apostate neighbor.

    * That Apostate then passes on the message to the next Apostate to the best of his ability.

    * The passing continues in this fashion until it reaches the Apostate at the end of the line, who calls out the message he or she received.

    * If the game has been 'successful', the final message will bear little or no resemblance to the original, because of the cumulative effect of mistakes along the line.

    * Deliberately changing the phrase is NOT considered cheating, but if the starting phrase is poorly chosen, there may be disappointingly little natural change.


    I take it you have no basis for your propeganda besides slanderous hearsay...

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    10 years ago

    They would not know if they were still following Satan as they are now or if they started to follow God. they just obey whatever the WTBTS says is the truth and it has full proof that it is correct because the WTBTS said it was.

    Therefore, it makes no difference who is running the WTBTS, they will believe every word that come out of their mouths or published.

    They have allowed the change to the NWT and accepted that without question.

    They have seen the position change on the resurrection of the Sodomites from, "They will never be resurrected, will, wont, will, wont will, and I think now its wont, or maybe its will again.

    If they were told that the sun has been destroyed and God is now the light by day, they would believe it.

    If they were told that Christ is just a lowly Archangel, they would believe it.

    If they were told that despite all the verses in the NWT that tell of eternal punishment, it does not exist, God lied in the bible, they would believe it.

    If they were told that Christ was not killed on a cross, the normal method of crucifixion at that time, but on a torture stake, they would believe it.

    As you can see, God is not in that sect now so if He took over they would believe what was published by God via the WTBTS. Now they believe whatever and whoever publishes from the WTBTS.

    It would be interesting to see how many JWs knew the names of the absolute rulers in the WTBTS.

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    the stated reson for selecting the fds became into that, while jesus got here to envision all religions, he discovered in ordinary terms the watchwer bts have been offering spectacular religious sustenance of meat in due season. by using fact the internet dawned, anybody can check out this meat to work out if it ever had a season for it to be genuine. and since the archangel michael isn't the pope leviathan isn't a steam practice, and christendom did no longer die of their thousands and thousands interior the streets in 1918, we are in a position to work out that this became into on no account spectacular religious sustenance. so now they might desire to alter the story lower back. now that's by using fact of subjective, unverifiable feely stuff jointly with being the only ordinary acceptable hearted ones finding the scriptures for reality, or some comparable ego stroke. we ought to look at historic previous to work out the place the belief fairly comes from? russell had labored out an intricate chronology in keeping with some style of standard parallel dispensation equipment. he theory that it became into so immaculately labored out that changing the timing of any adventure via a million 12 months might throw the complete chronology out. he had 5 chronology scriptures, and 89 bible proofs, and for extra help he even measured the pyramid in egypt to make certain his calculations. in this chronology, jesus returns in 1874, then after a cleansing era, chooses russell as his committed and discreet slave in 1878. then armageddon in 1914. properly, russells chronology fell down massive time. he became into no longer out via a million 12 months, he became into out via over a century and counting. answer? flow the complete chronology up forty years. shall we scrap invisible jesus returning in 1874, the hot date for jesus is the previous date for armageddon, 1914. this demands updating the selecting of the fds to 1918. yet does shifting a failed chronology up forty years make it genuine? nope. does the breakout of ww1 and changing international circumstances make 607bc genuine? nope. face it, that's a failed equipment regurgitated for the gullible and packaged as religious foodstuff. on no account been genuine. on no account would be.

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    I stopped reading after "In the past (as I'm sure you know), Satan infiltrated your 'faithful slave class' in Brooklyn."

    Seriously? And you have the nerve to say *they're* wrong? Wow. Just ... wow.


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    All religions are of the Devil so the Nine Top JW's have already been compromised! Too late!

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    We will force them to go door to door in Sudan

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    Jahova's wiitness is part of the New Atheist Movement!

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