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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesPhilosophy · 9 years ago

We need a new kind of leader in the world today. What characteristics would create a new kind of leader?

What kind of person could we trust

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    BeiYin: You will not like to hear it, but we have exactly the kind of leader we deserve. They are representing us and our state of consciousness. That is the mentality of sheep. These of course need a leader and watchdogs, - to be able to do what is the most important for them: To eat, to sleep and to copulate, without needing to think, because they are always told what and what not to do.

    Question: But people beside of what sheep need, have more wishes and demands they are striving for. People want to be happy...

    BeiYin: You are right: Sheep are just happy, not asking for more. People want entertainment and excitement, they want to see 'meaning' in what they are doing...

    And the same shows up in our society: It is the manifestation of our state of evolution and that is obviously still on a primitive level. About this there can't be any doubt when we look around and observe our world and people and the big mess that they have created...

    The leader coming out of this dump and dull society are on the same level, they are just more clever and know how to manipulate others, using the same tricks that are common, creating needs and then fulfilling these. Making people to brave consumer of articles or beliefs. That keeps the sheep busy and in dependency and so the benefit for the clever ones is guarantied.

    Question: OK, I agree, our society is corrupted and is based on primitive survival needs. The leader are using this and keep us on this primitive level for their own benefit. So we must change them!

    BeiYin: Now you give the fault for the misery that is showing up all around to the leader, wanting to change them! Now I remember the story about a roman emperor who was ask why he keeps all those fat deputies around him and not change them for others. Nero answered: "Those that are now during years, grown fat and rich, they do their job the same as new ones will do it, only that these will take and steal from me until they are also fat and rich! So I prefer to keep the old ones..."

    So we can conclude, that this will be the same for new leader and it is useless to ask for characteristics they should have, as these will not be different than before and it depends all on the people they are leading.

    Question: But there have been leader in human history who were advanced and more aware than the mass of people and people even liked them...

    BeiYin: Yes, there have been several. With the tragical result that then they were eliminated and the system went back to the used level. - Remember Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Kennedy, Muhyun Roh and other...

    Question: So then what would be the 'characteristics' of people so that as a result will have a new kind of leader?

    BeiYin: That you can answer yourself, as it easy to describe, although difficult to fulfill.

    Question: Yes, people should get out of dependencies and be responsible for their life and their doing, they should be more critical about what is offered from society and those clever guys who use peoples dullness for their benefit and not caring about others, getting more and more power, becoming more and more rich and destroying our world...

    BeiYin: Again your are giving the fault to the outside and others! Look at yourself! Those 'clever guys' are only using the conditions as an opportunity to do the same as every body would do if they would have the power and knowledge, but you are giving them the chance with your behavior and innocence. And that is your low level of awareness!

    Question: So then what can be done to rise this level?

    BeiYin: To answer this we need much more space than we have here. Maybe people should think about, why they need a leader... That means looking at themselves and questioning themselves. Then asking questions, - not just to receive confirmation for what they are already know, but to enter into new spaces, even though they might need to enter into unknown fields, what they usually try to avoid...

    To be continued...

    Source(s): There is no more space left, but you can read the rest of this 'interview' at:
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  • Laura
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Power... Even today if we look at primitive tribes, the shaman will often be more powerful than the tribe leader. The more organised the religion the more power to those at the top, obviously if it is monothestic then there is even more power at the top. As for how the original idea started could be because of dreams, or trying to explain something, or even hallucinogenic plants (as the majority of existing 'primitive' religions still use hallucogens in their rituals). It may have even begun when people started staying in the same place they needed to start doing something with the dead, in the past they would have let nature take its course. One of the ways they came up with was burial. We can see that animals feel grief, when we started burying our dead it gave people a place where they could go and grieve. Ideas might have developed to do with grave goods and the afterlife etc.

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  • 9 years ago

    What is the "old" kind that you cannot trust? You don't explain that.

    List all the bad qualities you don't trust in previous leaders, and I'll try to provide a more positive list of characteristics.

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  • 9 years ago

    In my opinion, the most important factor is obvious: intelligence.

    They need to be quick to make the best decision and know the possible outcomes.

    They also need to weigh every outcome equally and accurately.

    Some leaders are very intelligent, but lack the ability to realize whether they're desired outcome is worth the measures that will be taken.

    That is the most controversial part though, because if for example, a leader gives aid to another country. There will be people who will say, yes! They needed that more than us. Then there will be (most likely more) people who are selfish to their own land who say maybe they needed it more, but it's our money we worked for and we could use it too.

    That's why the best leader has to also have absolute control, sadly, because the common man will always think they're own ideas are right, when really, neither are. Did that make sense?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    every one wants a different type of ask about a person who can lead the world,well the only way that is gonna happen is if god comes down on earth in human form.this world is not made up of

    people who have same thinking,same perspective about life,same needs and many more thing.leader of a single country has to deal with so many things, opposition,then people,people of different religion,different belief .everyones expectation from their leader is different.even if there are groups of people that share the same belief,the problem is that there are several thousands of such ask what kind of person can we trust in,well think about it,that a time may come when the leader need people on whom he can the race to keep the country running in peace the leader has to use so

    many tools ,like lie to its people,or sometimes take hard problem occurs and some fool who wants attention of people is always ready to raise chaos amongst people and they all stupidly follow that fools step to go against the leader. actually your question is based on individuality,ur qstion shud b refrased to"what characterstics wud create a new kind of leader whom i can trust?"

    only god truly can lead this world.cos everyone will follow god ,teenagers,old ppl,terrorist ,etc etc,after he shows people that he/she can create water from sand.

    u wud chose that answr the best one ,which matches ur own anser,so its better if u keep ur answr ready.

    Source(s): my brain,times of india.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    a tyrant for individual peace. forcing the world to live and let live. no one person can impose on another and thus everyone gets what they want as long as they don't desire to impose on another person. simple logic. freedom is having the ability to do what one pleases but if freedom allows for the theft of one persons freedom then is it really freedom at all.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A creator...a wolf...a madman...and a good dancer.

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