Why do some some people say that evolution promotes..?

Racism and gender inequality? I've noticed it's only a few Christians who think this. I have absolutely no idea where they got this from. Could anyone please explain?

I don't mean any disrespect to Christians, and if you do believe this, could you please tell me why?
Update: They actually think evolution and eugenics are the same thing?
Update 2: Like Half Man: Could you please provide proof?
Update 3: Great Gig in the Sky: What does his cousin have to do with him? If your cousin was a murderer, would you automatically be pro murder?
Update 4: Saying Darwin is the cause for Eugenics is like saying Jesus is to blame for the Westboro baptist Church. Where is the logic?
Update 5: Why do people never reply when you ask for proof? Sheesh
Update 6: Exiled in the Midlands: I mentioned that it was only a few Christians. I'm sorry if you think I was attacking all Christians, I just wanted to understand why some said this.
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