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So my girlfriend won't put out, how do I get her to?

She won't put out the fire and I'm afraid the house will burn down? How do I get her to put out the fire?

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    All I know is when all's said and done, there better be a sammich with your name on it.

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    you need to grow up she will put out your fire when she gets ready to not before and if you can not handle the time she needs find another girlfriend so this one can get a real man who will take the time she needs him to. oh and for the record one of your answers i seen said getting her drunk or on drugs well that is the way sick people do it plus taken advantage of some one who is not in there right head is a crime aka (jail) where you will find a whole new way to play this game you are into. just give her time if you think she is worth it if not get some one else and let her do the same thing

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    Booze and or drugs. Or if all else fails a hard blow to the head.

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    you wait until she is ready! when she feels ready to "put the fire out" then she will until then stop trying to think of ways you can get her to have sex with you just for your own pleasure...what kind of boyfriend are you!

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  • 1 decade ago

    was the fire in the kitchen?

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    you have to ask yerself if shes worth waiting for.

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