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What is a PLL Man? (US Army)?

I'm reading some letters my dad sent from boot camp back in 1968, and he talks about being a PLL man (tech supply) at "the strip" at Fort Bragg.

I can't find any definitions on line so...

What is a PLL man?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    PLL = Prescribed Load List. It is the list of items that each unit should have in its inventory. How many trucks, planes, widgets, and what nots.

    It seems he was in supply probably (at the strip) would be at the air strip. I forget the name right now. But there are 3 Airstrips at Ft Bragg in 68 the largest would have been Pope AFB, One out at Camp McCall, And the third is the one I don't remember the name of.


    US Army


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    Army Pll

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    5 years ago

    Hi there, Let us first establish that this question is indeed relative and based on our individual perceptions of what 'Better' actually is, and what makes a good army - once of course, materials and numbers are removed from the equation. This requires analysis of the the movers and shakers, the ones who call the shots, splash the cash, the man that nodds his head in affirmation and the one that pulls the trigger. And not only does this require an understanding of their political roles or their positions, but who they are as people - behind closed doors. Its about ethical attitudes as well as tactical and political ones. The Americans have been responsible for some hideous crimes. Most recently, look at Abu Ghraib. Shocking, absolutly shocking. I do however, realise this is a minority. I think we're blessed to have troops with such positive conduct and etiquette, there are many armies or 'organizations' around the world that lack this moral conscienceness, for brotherhood and alliance comes before all. Because of this, I'm very tempted to say our own, the British army, but let me not write off the Americans so soon. I somewhat admire their ruthlessness, minus the innocents whose lives have been claimed as a result of some careless actions and decisions. If it is anyone you can rely on to pull the trigger, it's the US troops. They fear not, they think not. They do. A confident response to this question would require thorough analyse --and I don't have that much time on my hands! Barack Obama has taken America to a different place now and I have a lot more faith in him than I do Bush. Hopefully when the next hurricane strikes and claims the lives of American citizens and destroys their homes, Obama won't be overseas playing golf! Yeah, we all remember that George ;) Anyhow, it's a tight call. I think the British are capable of bringing more long-term change to Afghanistan and Iraq, not because of IQ (though many would argue so!) but because we're about change that withstands all. Being a patriot, I love the British army, and I think we're one of the stronger army's. However, I disagree with the first response - I really do feel Israel have the strongest army in the world. If not, then Russia or China. Thank you, Kind Regards.

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    Military Operational Specialty 92A are PLL/TAMMS (Prescribed Load List/The Army Maintenance Management System) clerks. They maintain the Army's logistics system in warehouses, distribution points and as clerks in maintenance shops. They control distribution of all army supplies except for medical and bulk fuels.

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  • 1 decade ago

    PLL is the acronym for Production Load List. Which means he probably he was the Supply guy for Loading List on what they need for certain tasks.

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