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Internet not work when connecting ADSL-Router to GB switch ?

When connecting ADSL-Router to a Computer directly, the internet is working fine, accessing to ADSL-router administration interface is also OK. But every time, I connect from ADSL-Router to a Switch, from switch to PCs, the internet works for a moment, then disconnect, then I can not login to ADSL-router administration interface anymore.


After figured my switch is 24-Port Gigabit Switch TL-SG1024, it is an unmanaged switch. It's is a very unusual problem I ever met before!

Today, I've just changed to another ISP, the problem still occurred. I don't think it cause by Cables or missed configuration, Because these configurations (ADSL-Router and Wirelress router) works fine for me many years. What's amazing now, I've replaced associated device such as new Switch, new modem, and new ADSL-router, but the problems can't be solves.

Is it possible caused by virus or something else over my network ?

Update 2:

Finally, this problem is cause by some Viruses, malware or something else on my Server. After reinstall my Windows Server 2003, the problem is fixed.

Now my office network running smoothly. What we have to think is which computer on the network are exposing to the out site network, for professional network engineer might use Network monitoring tool to see which packet running are harmful to network traffic.

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  • GTB
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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    If the GB switch is an unmanaged switch, this is very unusual. The GB switch must be connected to a LAN port of the router but being an ADSL router you have nothing but an RJ11 phone input and 1 or more LAN ports so this should not be an issue. It is possible that you need a cross cable, not a straight patch cable but that is not so common any more since auto sensing ports were introduced; it is possible that the cable is faulty.

    On the other hand, if the GB switch is a managed switch, it may be configured for a different subnet and this may be the entire cause. It is fixed by making the managed switch and the router use same subnet. Check the managed switch documentation on this. Check also vlan configuration as well.

  • rusert
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    wow, loser answer Mrs. Ed. to boot, first make certain you have cyber information superhighway coming to the cable you're plugging into your router. in case you do, then you definitely're the two doing something incorrect with the router setup, or it may be extra suitable complicated than that. in case you have a DSL modem, it may be in "bypass with the aid of using" or "bridge" mode. that way the router can assign IP addresses because of the fact it pleases devoid of conflict. and you may desire to apply an Ethernet cable. it somewhat is the sole element which will artwork.

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