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Why does being stressed make you feel nauseous?

For example, going through a break-up or relationship problems, why is it that you can't eat, feel nauseous, and lose weight?

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    take one problem issue at a time.. maybe try soup tea toast work your way up sherbert. take something for nauseous.. and maybe you wana loose weight anyhow depends on your weight in first place .. fix your depression first.. probably cause our minds try to control our life so much it just shuts down our entire bodys then you got all the money in world like stupid pschiatrists... did you ever notice yes of course you do we all do we all talk and people are like growing up and dont understand life or what we all wanna hear anything from compliment to just plain ole respect.. so we try to be a script writer of our own lives.. so we tell others what to say .. or not say ..usually relation ship problems maybe you want everyone to love each other verbally respect them care about them cause you do.. so you need them to you wouldnt marry a man that bad mouthed your family if you grew up in the house and knew all their health problems .. so you have all this tension from break up and relationships and it just wrecks your mind and body ... take some baby steps get back to you again...GOD BLESS..

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    Stress triggers off the 'fight or flight' syndrome. Basically this prepares us to run or fight.

    Part of this involves focusing all available energy, which is carried through the blood supply, on the larger muscles. As a result the digestive system shuts down to conserve energy.

    For 15-20 minutes this is fine. But over long periods of time, it becomes destructive. As stored energy runs out and so the body has to start breaking down healthy tissue, muscle and stored fat to create more energy.

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