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is my stopped up nose causing things to happen at basketball oractice?

Ok at basketball practice we ran 3/4 of the time. And my throat got dry and it hurt, my ribs were burning and felt like something was in there. My nose has been stopped up my mom said that it only did that because if i cant breath out of my nose as easy it will mess up my throat. So whats wrong and how can i fix this before next practice. Should i go to the doctor?

and btw i practiced like a hour a day or 2 hours . it doesnt do that. I think i tonly does that when i run. When i run i breath in with my nose and out my mouth.

i have been running. I didnt because i had a fractured rib will that have any thing to do with it? i was out for 2 weeks than the last two weeks i ahve been practicing then i went to practice

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    Definitely go see a doctor man. It would be the best thing to do if your not sure about something that is bothering your health. Then, you will be told exactly what's wrong with you and the doctor could perhaps give you some prescription medicine.

    I would suggest drinking a lot of fluids (water, gatorade, etc.) to keep you hydrated. Blow your nose a lot too. You could also try breathing in with your mouth and not your nose if its stuffed up.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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    hmm... i really dont know bout this one. but i suggest u drink lots of water and as much as possible breath only thru yo nose. bcuz ur inhalin less air than wat ur exhalin? not sure tho. so ill say u nid to go to the doctor.

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    you should go see a doctor

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