What do you think of the name "Aiden Clyde Michael Kelly"?

I am not thrilled with the name Clyde, but it is important to my husband. I am trying to find a way to have it in the baby's name, even though I hate it!!! But I am having a hard time coming up with something that I like. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. BTW - Clyde is by no means going to be the first name...

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    1 decade ago
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    It's really nice.

    I actually like just Aiden Clyde, over Aiden Clyde Michael or Aiden Michael. I would spell Aiden with an "a" Aidan, because that's the traditional way.

    I would go with just Aidan Clyde, becuase I don't see the point of having three names. Adian Clyde Kelly is really nice, and I don't see why you don't like it. It's masculine and it's a really classic name, and with Aidan there you have the trendy, modern flair to it too.

    Michael Clyde isn't bad, Samuel Clyde or Thomas Clyde you might wanna consider too.

    I like Aidan Clyde Kelly, and good luck on finding the perfect name! Gratz on the baby boy though!

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    I like the name Aiden, but it's becoming very trendy. Also, it's rhyming cousins (Braden, Caydon, Haydn, Jaidyn, etc.) are becoming ridiculously popular, so little Aiden will be one of two Aiden's, and seven kids with names that rhyme with Aiden. With a common last name like Kelly, I would definitely go with something a bit more uncommon for the first name. Clyde is a fun middle name though. I would also drop Michael. It's too much for one kid!

    Some ideas:

    Adrian Clyde Kelly

    Augustus Clyde Kelly

    Angus Clyde Kelly

    Donovan Clyde Kelly

    Henry Clyde Kelly

    Cillian Clyde Kelly

    Corbin Clyde Kelly

    Gavin Clyde Kelly

    Declan Clyde Kelly

    Duncan Clyde Kelly

    Dominick Clyde Kelly

    Theodore Clyde Kelly

    Alden Clyde Kelly

    Oliver Clyde Kelly

    Thomas Clyde Kelly

    Deacon Clyde Kelly

    Clinton Clyde Kelly (just kidding!)

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    1 decade ago

    Carter Clyde Kelly

    Carmichael Clyde Kelly

    Lazarus Clyde Kelly

    Howard Clyde Kelly

    Logan Clyde Kelly

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    1 decade ago

    I absolutely love the name Aidan! Aidan Kelly (which I guess will be how he'll be known to everyone else lol) sounds awesome. I actually like the name Clyde, but definitely much more so as a middle name, and for once I like the double-middle name thing here. I think it might flow a bit better though as Aidan Michael Clyde Kelly.

    If you guys are still unsure about Aidan though, try www.nymbler.com - type in names you already like, like Michael and Aidan, and up should come tons more names similar in style.

    Other names that could go with --- Clyde Kelly (excluding the second middle name though): Oliver Clyde Kelly (actually, not having the Michael might be easier, since the alliteration between Clyde and Kelly sounds pretty good lol), James Clyde Kelly, Edwin/Edmund Clyde Kelly, Jacoby Clyde Kelly (love this name, nicknames could be Jake or Coby), Jack Clyde Kelly, Weston Clyde Kelly, Michaelson Clyde Kelly, Rafael Clyde Kelly, Jasper Clyde Kelly, Nickolas Clyde Kelly, etc.

    Good luck and Congrats!!

    Source(s): www.nymbler.com
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    I think that you should include Clyde (as I will have to as well...it is a family name for me too!) but not Michael. That makes it too much. I would call him Aiden Clyde Kelly (I am assuming that Kelly is the last name). It is not too bad in that vein. And middle names are rarely used anyway, so I would not worry or focus on that too much. Most people will just know him as Aiden Kelly.

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    Why not just Aiden Clyde? I find double middle names obnoxious unless it's a family tradition or something.

    Aiden Clyde Michael Kelly is way too long... don't forget, your kid has to learn how to write his WHOLE name in 1st grade.

  • tayla
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    1 decade ago

    I love Aiden Michael Kelly but since your husband wants to use Clyde, I think the name you have chosen is great.

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    1 decade ago

    Aiden is a cute name but it's so so common. I know you said you hate Clyde, but i actually like it better than Aiden. It's old fashioned, but cool. It gives Aiden a lot more personality. I think the whole name sounds absolutely gorgeous together, it really flows well. Love it, wouldn't change a thing, although I'd probably call him Clyde (if it were me, but its not LOL) Congrats!!! :D

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    1 decade ago

    Jake Michael Clyde

    Michael Aiden Clyde

    Andrew Aiden Clyde

    Jack Michael Clyde

    I hope these helped! Congratulations!

  • 3 years ago

    How approximately; [nicknames for the M call in the brackets] Aiden Michael [Mike] Aiden Martin [Marty] Aiden Mark [Marky] Aiden Mason [Mase] Aiden Malcolm [Mal] :) wish i helped!

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