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Can you tell me something about Aquarius?

As title. I want to know more about Aquarius.

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    Zodiac Symbol: Water Bearer

    Birth Dates: January 20 - February 18

    Birth Dates (Sidereal): February 13 - March 14

    Constellation: Aquarius

    Zodiac Element: Air

    Zodiac Quality: Fixed

    Body Part: Ankles

    Domicile: Saturn (or Uranus)

    Detriment: Sun

    Exaltation: None

    Fall: None

    Individuals born under this sign are thought to have a creative, challenging, entertaining, progressive, stimulating, independent, and determined character, but one which is also prone to rebelliousness, coldness, erraticism, cowardice, and impracticality. In terms of anatomy, Aquarius is said to rule the legs from knees to ankles and the circulation of blood.

    Physically, individuals born under the sign of Aquarius supposedly tend to have a vague expression, straight and silky hair, finely chiseled features, and a tall and slender figure. The males are often said to tend to be rather effeminate in appearance and the females somewhat broad-shouldered and masculine.

  • Aquarius in my opinion is a very and highly misunderstood sign of the zodiac. Aquarius in general are actually very caring,soft,understanding, non-judgmental people, Aquarius is far too logical to get involved in mindless drama and negativity. Also, we are an Air Sign we love communication by all means stimulate our minds and you have us hooked, but never keep a conversation boring with an Aquarius person, we love excitement and the odd, we have a very curious nature on one hand the other is our rebellious nature, if you try to pin down an Aquarius we will simply walk away and cut ourselves off altogether. Friendship- Aquarius are very loyal,protective friends, we treat everyone like family in our hearts. Never anger an Aquarius you will be shut out by the most deafening silent treatment ever, they will lock themselves away and simmer down or at least try to (not with feisty and moody Uranus at work). Aquarius also have a temper that will intellectually knock you out, they will use words or say something that no ordinary person can say, in other words Aquarius say things that only others think about and are too afraid of a negative outcome, Aquarius however don't care what others think, they just go about their day as if their the only ones on earth and everyone else to them is an enigma. But on the flip side if you ever need someone in your corner defending you call on a Aquarius they will drop whatever is their doing to back you up.

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    Aquarius Birthdates

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    I don't think it should be all that big of a deal....If you guys are already close, then why would he run???tell him like this, yo cool Aquarius guy...i have something to tell you, but before I do please know that your friendship means a great deal to me and plz don't let this info that im about to spew forth effect that... then gaze wildly into his eyes...and then just say it... several things could happen.. 1)he is in fact in love with you as well, and you guys can FINALLY, be where you want to be... 2)he may like you but may not be in love with you.. this sucks, but he might leave the door open for possible dating...that would then give him a opportunity to grow those stronger feelings..(hell you could just ask him out, and wait on the whole I love you bit) 3)hes a d*ck and high tails it, this meaning chances are you guys were never that close to begin would hurt (you did say you guys were close, so this shouldn't happen) but you would finally know the overall truth... I do enjoy astrology for entertainment purposes only.... I would never make a HUGE decision in regards to my love life based on it....i am a aqua...and I have never high tailed it on anyone that has had feelings for me.... that had been a good friend before hand...

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    I'm an aquarius and i love sports and reading, I'm very humble and competitive, I also don't talk much and can be shy but i also get very excited about just living and in bball games as well. I like to work hard and i probably take things for granted too much, i'm very gullible, I'm not into forming groups, I'm an individual...hope that helps :>

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    Aquarius is an air sign like Gemini and Libra. Aquarius is considered to be somewhat genius in a quirky kinda of way. They seek for truth, are unbiased and most of the time open minded. They are suppose to be excellent communicators, however in my case I wonder about that. Aquarius are neither conceited or vain. They are respectful. They NEED to be needed and are one the most faithful signs. They do not like to fight or like to be told what to do. They are idealists with big dreams and ideas, they just need a little help i pursuing them.

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    Not sure if you have come across this as of yet but the Yahoo! Horoscope section from the Yahoo! homepage has some good information. I just came across it myself over the past week and it provides some interesting insight.

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    Aquarius are very gullible, believing as they do in astrology. They are often disappointed that people easily cheat them.

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    this is the dawning of the age of ......

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