Why is there a rivalry between Samoans and Tongans?

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    Rivalry between Samoa and Tonga dates way back to our early ancestors, I don't know the dates but its way back there. Tonga held Samoans as slaves. There were several attempts to stop the slavery with the help of a kid named Vaatausili. He was a hero back then. It is said at first sight, people would think it was a joke because he was small, skinny, and people didn't think that he could possibly save Samoa. Vaatausili went and slept in a cave and after three nights, he was three times the size of the biggest and strongest man there was. Another one was a sacrifice by a "taupou" or princess named Tauoloasi'i. She went onboard the Tongan kings ship and offered her life for the freedom of Samoa. The Tongans took her but didn't live up to their promise. The last and final rule of Tonga over Samoa was legendary because it was a massacre. It was led by two warriors. Sorry, I forgot their names. Samoans threw a celebration feast for the Tongans. Every Tongan attended and was sitting down. The Samoans performed a dance and each person had to pick their kill. At the signal, Samoans brutally beat every Tongan at the feast. The Tongan king had run off with a few of his men to their ships and sailed off. As they sailed, the Tongan King stood on the back of his ship and yelled, "Ua malie toa, ua malo tau. O le a ou alu, ma oute le toe sau. A ou toe sau, oute sau ma le filemu." In english, "Oh, the courage, oh, the brave. I am leaving and never coming back. If I do come back, I come with peace." The signal at the feast was in a form of a song. "Mata mata pe, mata mata pe. Ta o le Samoa, ta ia se. Mata mata pe, mata mata pe. Ta o le Toga, ta ia pe." In english, "Eyes of the dead, eyes of the dead. Hit a Samoan, hit and miss. Eyes of the dead, eyes of the dead. Hit a Tongan, hit 'till he's dead." So, yeah, personally, I think this rival thing is race superiority. I'm Samoan and I could care less. Personal philosophy, we're God's race.

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      Where the **** does it say samoa was slaves for 400 years. What proof or evidence showing this. Is it from Tongan ancestors who talk. For all we know the story got ****** up down the way to make Tonga look better. Look Tonga was scared because Samoa is the true ruler. Stop it with these lies Tonga.

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    Both the Samoan and Tongan cultures and languages are somewhat similar. What I can say about many Polynesian people (much like many other cultures) is that we have a lot of pride. Like every other culture, there are those among our people who are tough AND respectful as well as "serious all the time". The perception many people have about Samoans and Tongans come from 1) Personal meeting 2) Hearsay and sometimes 3) How they are portrayed throughout the media. The best way you can go about seeing the differences are from your own personal meeting with Samoans and/or Tongans. However, like many other groups of people, you will have your good and your bad apples, and the last thing you'll want to do is to judge a whole group based on a bad apple or two. By the way, I'm Samoan and I have the utmost repect for all women, most especially the women in my family.

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    Why is there a rivalry between Samoans and Tongans?

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    Too much pride. Tonga used to rule over Samoa, and enslaved Samoans for 400+ years. Samoans fought back, and won their independence. Samoans try to create lies, and claim Tongans came from Samoa. Tongans claim Samoans to be obnoxious, and barbaric. Samoans calls Tongans horses. Tongans call Samoans rock wipers. Both always wants to see who's stronger, and bigger.

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  • my grammas samoan. she said it has something to do with this story along time ago between a tongan and samoan village like some tongan people stole the samoan princess and ate her so they had beef.. and eversince then the tradition of rivalry just carried on... theres more to the story but im not sure. look it up

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    Well they were the first two islands to create Polynesia. Tonga has Kings & Queens, Samoans have Chiefs and such. Of course their gonna have rivalry against each other to gain Power over each other, but what I heard was that Tongans ruled the South Pacific and took Samoans in as their slaves and then the Samoans had enough and rebelled against the Tongans and then all hell broke loose.

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