I can't log-in to toluna.com.?

My username and password both are correct. But still it says, "Please enter correct Toluna credentials." I tried to reset my password a dozen times but I receive no e-mail for resetting my password. Can someone please help?


When I said "reset password so many times" I didn't mean I did it all at once. I did wait..first for a few minutes...then an hour...still get no e-mail..I also checked the spam folder obviously. But I know my password is correct and still it won't sign me in. Something weird is going on. Other sites will give me reset link in a matter of minutes. But this?? It's been over a day now and still I receive no e-mail ._.

2 Answers

  • Erika
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Toluna Sign In

  • Same here I get the email but it takes me back around in a circle - can t sign in - can t connect with Facebook just hangs - however, they are giving me surveys - I have messaged them and told them I won t do any more surveys until this is resolved. No response yet! No surveys no skin off my nose as I have only just signed up!

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