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What are your thoughts on Valentines Day?

I have always been pretty "anti-Valentine's Day" I guess you could say. I don't understand the whole point of "showing someone how much you love them" one day out of the year, when you should be doing that every day. Stores can raise the price of a dozen roses from 15 dollars to 50, and people don't question it. A "Valentine's meal" at a nice restaurant can run over 100 dollars, when any other day, it would be 30. I think that too many people go all out on Valentine's Day showering their partner with "love" at a very expensive price, when they should be doing little things EVERY DAY to show them how they feel.

What do you think about Valentine's Day? Do you get caught up in the tacky glitter hearts and chocolate? Or do you think it's an overdone, commercialized holiday to make us all blow our paychecks?


Viva La Starship: Showering someone with love doesn't have to cost money. I said the little things everyday are what counts. Leaving a little note that says "I love you" somewhere where they can find it. In an instance of being married or living together, one partner doing something that the other usually does (i.e. laundry, or cook dinner.) Showing someone you love them doesn't have to cost money. It is, indeed, the little things that matter the most.

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    Competely overrated and an excuse to have a holiday! It's annoying for both couples and singles, especially the teens. The so called "couples" exchange cards and bags of chocolate and junk that just makes me want to puke. The others complain and mope that they have no life and half the teenager population become emo for a day. You're a freakin' teenager. You have your entire life to find someone you love... or go through the horrible tragedy of breaking up after being with them for two days! Add in the, "Omigosh! THANK YOU!", nonsense hearts, and that Cupid angel, and you basically get a disaster for me.

    It's just like you said. Why dedicate one entire (horrible) day just to shower your partner with hearts and prove to them that you have money to waste. What's the deal? You have another 364 days to do that (or 365 for a leap year, if you want to get specific).

    ... besides. Then, every year after that, you feel like you have to create an even bigger, better present for your partner. Even that is dumb, in my opinion.

    I think society has concluded that it must waste money and show it off and buy material items just to make someone happy. Oh, wait. That happened years ago.

    I'm seriously sick of Valentines Day at school. It's just disgusting and my friend is moping that she doesn't have a date. I argue that teen couples never last, and she says "practice is good". That doesn't even make a decent arguement...

    Valentines Day had better be less migraine-inducing after school. At least most teens then will have gotten some sense then. Until then, I'll be taking an Excedrin on that dreadful day.

    Source(s): A teenager who isn't love stricken, nor is planning on becoming emo on that "lovely" day in February.
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    When I was single, i thought it was stupid too :P Now that I've had a boyfriend for a little over a year, this is our first actual Valentines day we're spending together, although we were going on dates and stuff last valentines day. I like it because its a day where you get to do special things for your boyfriend or girlfriend, and it gives you an excuse to go all out! we show each other that we love one another every single day, but this is just a special day to do the same thing, with the exchanging of little gifts and chocolate and what not! :) Plus, we can't afford to go out on dates all the time and stuff, so It gives an excuse to do that! BQ: I'm gonna be in school until 2:50, then my boyfriend has basketball until 6:30, but then we're going back to my house and we're going to make dinner together, watch a movie, have dessert, and go on a romantic walk in the dark :)

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    I agree with you and even though commercials say that it is a day to show people you care about how much you actually care, it all comes down to couples. I think 90% of all cards in a store are love-related, candy rappers and stuff like that as well. I’ve had a boyfriend for almost 4 years, but I’m still not into the whole Valentine’s Day spirit. There are days when I just feel like baking a cake or doing something special for him, but when it comes down to February 14, I feel that I have to do something special because it became sort of a rule and everyone else is following it.

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    "Love is Money" " Money brings love" are the messages to express on "Valentine's day, Mother's Day, Father's day. The holidays are declared to express, once upon a time to express live by giving expensive gifts. More expensive, more love!

    In value based relationship, money has now started playing an important role for showering love, then said it is good once in a year not every day -would be too costly to survive.

    In the orient this situation is also changing amongst youngsters, because Holiday is declared for the DAY! Naturally commercial establishment hike the prices of presentation articles to make money, which the lovers concede to pay, any way.

    True love springs from heart, it shows on the face and more so when you look into the eyes of the person who is loving. Facial expression are always from the bottom of the heart. Actors have hard time to manage that during filming of love scenes. Valentine's day masks the real feeling because it is now the fashion of the day, being discussed with taste amongst friends and relatives. Valentine's day is a superfluous display of love, for some it is an opportunity to hide their omissions and mistakes to recuperate lost love, when the responding person begins to feel so. When people lack firm love, then they resort to substitute love like this day.

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    FINALLY someone who believes that too! God, I dislike Valentines Day a lot! I completely agree with you 100%. It's like as if people only show love to their partner one day out of the whole year. That's not what love is all about, it should be an everyday thing. Valentines Day is just another holiday for Hallmark to make big bucks out of and people fall into their scheme. People say that the reason why some people dislike Valentine's Day is because they are single, well not in this case. I even hate it if im taken. People shouldn't be reminded to show their partner love on a specific day! Valentine's Day is like FORCING romance on people. It's like forcing us to put a price tag on our feelings. Love shouldn't be expressed by money. Since we're at it, I might as well add that I think many other holidays are stupid as well!

    1. Just like Thanksgiving, why give thanks on that specific date? Why not everyday?

    2. Earth Day- I wonder what idiot created this holiday! You shouldn't be reminded to try to improve the earth, it's something you should be willing to do daily!

    3. New Years- what's up with celebrating the end of the year? But, I agree it's a day to just celebrate and have fun. So if it makes people happy then who cares right! :)

    4. Mothers Day and Fathers Day- why show love to them on that specific date? Their your freakin' parents, that should be done everyday!

    Thanks for letting me rant! haha :)

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    I think for the most part it is a holiday more for young couples who are just dating. I remember that it used to be a very important day to me when I was younger. I loved the fact that my parents cared enough to dote something small on me and my sister for valentines day. Especially one time when I thought they had completely forgotten about it and it turned out we went out to dinner than night. But now the only reason why it is more special for me now that I'm married and have been for 5 years, is because my anniversary is the day after.

    Otherwise I agree with you. You don't need to shower someone with love and extra expense just on one day of the year. My husband and I usually just simply spend a little more time together and might do a gift and possibly even, a card. We have date nights through out the year so we don't need a day or even our anniversary specifically to show each other more love than usual.

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    To me, it's just any other day.

    Then again, i've always been single on valentines [or all my life for that matter; i'm 15], so maybe that's why i tend to look over it.

    you do have a point when you say it's becoming commercialized. Nowadays, it seems like just about every holiday is about money, from Christmas to Valentines. I wish people would focus on what these holidays were meant to be, such as spending time with your family and loved ones, instead of buying presents to impress someone.

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    man youd think valentine would be a mushy gooey lovey kinda thing. Well, ITS NOT! I hate Valentines day, atleast my Valentines day. Everyone... Is.... Always... BREAKING UP. Strange but it just so happens do be a around this time of year when everyone is getting dumped or cheated on. This Holiday was invented by Hallmark in 1944 to get more people to buy cards for each other. If there also gonna ruin relationship there also need make a card fo that. Grr... So, anyone wanna be my valentines :)?

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    To me, you don't need all that stuff for Valentines day. I think it would be just as romantic to stay home and cook a nice Valentines day dinner for your partner, sit on the couch and watch a movie. Well okay maybe not 'romantic' but it would show you loved them. Then top it off with a Hersheys bar! lol. :) I agree with you about the spending thing, love shouldn't be shown only by the price of something!

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    I've always agreed with the view you have.

    It seems a little silly that we should all tell people how much we love them on one particular day.

    However as much as I dislike Valentines day and they hype of it all, some good does come of it. Even if not everyone, some people are happy, some people work up the courage to tell people how they really feel about them, some people make up after fights and even friends tell how they appreciate each other.

    So, no matter how tacky the reason, I guess the days not all bad.


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