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raw diet for dogs.........?

i am reading so many things about crap that is in most dog food

my mom is taking me to get a dog from the shelter on my birthday

and i want him/her to have the healthiest life possible and do not want him/her to eat that nasty stuff

i want to feed my dog a raw diet

so is that really the healthiest option and if so what goes in these raw diets is it just raw meat? cooked meat? any vegies? rice? pasta? or what? and is it really expensive?

thank you every one who answers and i will choose best answer for 10 pts

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    I believe the raw diet is the healthiest option. My dog has been doing amazing on it. It is just raw meat and bones. It was cheaper than the food I used to buy. It is even cheaper if you buy when the meat is on sale. You can also find butchers in you area that might be able to give you leftover scraps and bones for free. I posted an add on Craigslist looking for raw freezer-burnt meat and got a bag of free venison.

    I will give you some information to start with:

    A prey model raw diet consists of 80% Raw Meat, 10% Raw Bone, 5% Raw Liver, 5% Other Organ.

    You want to feed 2-3% percent of your dogs ideal body weight. My dog weighs 50 lbs, so I feed him 1 pound of food everyday, which is 2% of his body weight.

    You want to start feeding only 1 meat the first week, and introduce other meats slowly. Don't start feeding your dog Liver until about the second week, and feed only small bits at first. Liver, if fed to fast or too much at one time can cause diarrhea.

    If your dog gets constipated at any time, that means you are feeding too much bone, so add less bone or have a boneless meal the next day to balance it out. If your dog has diarrhea, than add more bone.

    I feed once a day, I feel that they get bigger pieces, so they chew their food better. Chewing reduces the risk of choking, and bigger pieces clean your dog's teeth better.

    If your dog vomits and eats some of it, it's because it just wasn't sitting right in his stomach. If he vomits and walks away from it, he might now be feeling good. So give him plenty of water and prepare a bland meal (chicken) the next day. Try not to exercise your dog right before or after he eats, this might cause him to vomit his meal back up.

    Their are many changes I noticed in my dog once I switched him to Raw:

    Shinier Coat

    Whiter Teeth

    Smaller stool

    Stool doesn't have a strong odor.

    More energy

    They don't drink very much water because thier is a lot of moisture in the food.

    No more doggy smell, or doggy breathe

    Those are just a couple tips to maybe get you started. Don't be afraid to switch to Raw, it gets easier as you go along. Here is a great Forum that helped me along the way:

    Good luck and have fun with your pup!

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    Source(s): Delicious Paleo Recipes Cookbook :
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    Check out B-Naturals (google search for it). There are recipes in the newsletters. Lew Olson (owner of the company) also has a raw feeding book available. She's a great resource! There are also raw feeding groups on Yahoo Groups - do a search and see if you can find on in your state. Yes, you can get the necessary stuff at a grocery store but I will tell you from experience that it can be expensive. Also, check out the pages for BRAVO dog food - they have great information on their raw diets. I have a 65 pound rottweiler that eats a raw diet (Bravo) and I have to supplement the food with a digestive enzyme, fish oil and pro-biotics. I spend approximately $100 per month feeding one dog, NOT including the supplements - that is ONLY for the Bravo raw dog food. Bravo can be costly - it is a finely ground mix of muscle meat, organ meat, bones and some veggies - I pay about $20 for a 10 pound roll, or chub, of food - which lasts me 6 1/2 days. Pros - you know exactly what you are feeding your dog, your dog will be much healthier (but should still regularly see the vet) Cons - it can be expensive, some dogs won't touch raw food, can be a pain in the butt to store and prepare the food (I have a freezer that specifically contains dog food!), can sometimes be hard to find a retailer for prepared foods (which is what I recommend for newbies).

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    You are headed in the right direction. I suggest you do some research. There are various ways to feed raw some people just feed raw meat, bones and organs (Prey model) There are some that will give some veggies typical made into a glob like substance(BARF) . Some people also will give supplements while others don’t. The cost can depend if you are feeding more then one dog its going to cost more. You may have to shop around see who has the best deal stock up on things if it’s a really good deal. Some meats will be more costly if you ever want to feed exotic meats that is going to be more. There are ways to get free meat I have heard of people posting on free cycle, asking neighbors/friends for old meat, craigs list ( , sometimes people can get expired meat from stores. One can even join a Raw feeding group where the group will split the cost for a large order of meat.

    Here are some books you should consider reading

    Work Wonders: Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty bones

    Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy for you and your dog

    Real Dogs Don’t eat Kibble

    Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats

    Raw Meaty Bones promote health

    Raw Feeding Yahoo Group

    Raw Pup

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    No need to say much everyone already covered it. Raw diets are the best way to go my dogs LOVE IT just don't "over do it" I only feed them the raw diet for dinner breakfast they get the soft dog food mixed with hard lunch they get a small mean of dry dog food and dinner they get cut up steak, 1 raw egg, chicken liver, cottage cheese, celary, fish and chicken breast they LOVE IT and they always know when its dinner time LOL they get so excided so many good things from feeding raw diets you want the best for your dog so feed them they best.

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    Raw feeding is VERY healthy but it takes considerable committment and research.

    Basically the meat is fed raw..including bones and supplemented with various veggies.

    The expense depends on what meat you are feeding. Raw feeding requires a mixture of muscle meat and organ meats. Meat can be very cheap for things like chicken/turkey necks, backs. Organ meats like liver, heart, tripe etc... are cheap If you can find a place that processes can usually get freebies and certainly don't have to worry about antibiotic or growth hormones. If you figure a premium brand of dog food costs about $1.25 per pound. Feeding raw is pretty thrifty.

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    Raw meat, raw meat on bones, organ meats, certain fish is about all you need, 2-3% of the dog's body weight per day (adjust up and down depending on his/her activity level to avoid underweight/overweight). There is a good Yahoo Group Raw Meaty Bones that has an extensive files section for reference and lots of people happy to post to help newbies. Part of the fun is shopping for bargoons. No more expensive than a quality commercial food but with tons of benefits: about 1/3 the "cleanup" with reduced odour and won't stick to your shoe, no doggie breath, nice skin and coat, prevents allergies/hot spots, ear infections, pancreatities, diabetes, periodontal disease, impacted anal glands. If more people only knew... All of this robust health means WAY reduced vet bills.

    There's an amazing essay on the web by a Harvard student called "Why confused pet owners are feeding their dogs krispy kremes and ring dings" that details the whole commercial food fiasco and why people are best to steer clear of manufactured dog food.

    Source(s): Raw feeding for 3 years now. The dog loves it, I love it, she's happy, I'm happy. No more ear infections, goopy eyes, runny nose, itchy skin...
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    It's not expensive once you figure things out. There's some tricks to get cheap meat.

    It is in my opinion the healthiest option.

    80% muscle meat

    10% bone

    5% liver

    5% orgns

    no veggies, no pasta, nothing else but that.

    I feed 1.6% of my dogs ideal body weight, she's an older less active dog though. most people tend to feed 2%

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    Only RAW meat

    No veggies, no rice, no pasta.

    It can be actually quite cheap in comparison to higher market kibble brands.

    I highly suggest you take a look at this link

    and join some raw feeder Yahoo groups to ensure you are doing it correctly prior to feeding this to your dog.

    Oh gawd, raw meat is FAR better for your dog than cooked. Cooking the meat takes away many of the beneficial nutrients. And veggies are nothing but fillers to the dog.

    LOL "a healthy,natural diet" How is COOKED food natural for the dog?

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    120 Raw Food Recipes :

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