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When did professional boxing split? and why?

Hi, I'm new to boxing, and I want to know when all these different boxing organizations popped up. , and I know that there used to World Boxing Association is the oldest and original organization. When did it split up?

I know they did it because of money/corruption/other but what was the public reason for the split. Obvious new organizations did jump up and say "Hey, we want more money. We now will create a new Boxing organization"

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    Boxing bloc from Asia,mainly Japan, the Philippines and Thailand and from Central and South America, mainly Mexico, Argentina and Puerto Rico, with support from some influential boxing authorities and personalities in the USA broke away from the WBA and formed the World Boxing Council in 1962 in sheer disgust over how their boxers were treated and not given chances to fight for world titles by the Caracas, Venezuela-based world boxing sanctioning body.

    It's not really about money or corruption as much as injustice and unfair treatment. For example, rated fighters from Asia in deference to the Venzuelan WBA head and the fact that the WBA was based there, have had to travel to Venezuela and fight local fighters under unsavory and unjust circumstances, often losing by hometown or upset decision. Among these Asians include the late great Gabriel Flash Elorde who lost to a local boy fortunately in a non-title fight. This is also the reason why earlier champions and top contenders especially in the lighter weight classes came from Venezuela and some favored countries in the region.

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    It didnt split up as such,others just moved on to the scene in order to serve the interests of whichever continent they were from. The WBC was next and it didnt seem so bad with two sanctioning bodies and then you got (in no particular order) the WBO,IBF,WBU,IBO etc etc etc.

    Greed is the reason pure and simple.

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