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If babies come from storks...?

Where do stork babies come from?

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    maybe, just maybe

    the conception unicorn comes and casts a spell on the delivery storks mommy and daddy and out comes a little stork baby

    and maybe, because of how empty and meaningless his life is, the conception unicorn sits in a cold bath tub full of ice and straps a jelly-fish to himself to end the pain

    or maybe, you're an idiot

    I think the last one is the best

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    Everybody knows babies don't come from storks, neither do they come from the cabbage patch. This european fairy tale was based on the fact the european stork frequently built its nest on the top of chimneys. I don't know if santa claus actually delivered the baby or not. Baby storks hatch from stork eggs of course. The adults fly south to Africa for the winter and then return to their old nest in the spring.

    Source(s): I was born in europe and flew to America.
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    Stork babies come from stork eggs that come from stork mamas. Other babies don't come from storks... they come from their mamas in pretty much the same way.

  • i + i
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    From other storks

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    Santa Claus

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    4 years ago

    No, they arrive from Pepsi machines. When my daughter requested me in which toddlers come from, I informed her I desired a soda, placed cash within the Pepsi laptop and she or he got here out. She believed it till she used to be approximately 10 years historical.

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    babies dont come from storks, genius, and if you dont know where humans come from, i suggest u look it up on the internet

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