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I have a framed piece of work and I cant find more of the artist's work, where do I find more at?

I have a picture of two older volkswagen Bugs that are out on a grassy part of a beach and a girl is in the arms of a man. and the photo isnt in black and white nor Sophia er what ever its called, its just a faded color. I would really really. like to find more of this persons work and I have not been able to anywhere, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas


I bought the piece at a antique store in a small town in Washington called Tenino about 2 years ago, and on the piece it has a name "Andre Jewell" Ive looked up the name and have found nothing.

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    There appear to be (at least) two photographers out there with similar names. Andrei Jewell is a relatively well-known documentary/editorial photographer; his depictions of natural disasters and man's impact on the world are awe-inspiring. However, none of his work involves VWs (unless they're destroyed)...

    The closer match, Andre Jewell, apparently has no website, but I have seen auctions of his poster prints from all over the place.

    A quick search turned these up:

    ...among others. There was also an eBay auction in Germany for the exact print you described. He also did the CD artwork for Nathan Haines's "Shift Left."

    I suspect he is from New Zealand, as the US sales I learned of were from Pacific states, there was one auction in New Zealand, which is also where Nathan Haines hails from. You might consider contacting someone on the production team for the CD; somebody will be able to connect you to the artist.

    I hope this helps; there's just not a lot of information out there. Good luck!


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    I have an andre jewell photogragh, the one of the 2 vw's parked side by side one blue and the other pink with a man and woman embrassing.... i would be willing to part with it for the right price.... I've had it for 30 to 40 years or so


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    It's possible that it is Andrei Jewell, he is a noted photographer that has done works similar to what you describe.

    Or it could be Andre Jewell, someone who never became famous, but made some prints.

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