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How many brothers did Vlad Dracula have?

I just wonder, because I know for certain that he had Radu and Mircea. But I've also heard that there's Vlad the monk, Vlad the lesser and Milhail?

Could someone clarify this for me, I'd be most grateful :)

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    Vlad II (c.1390-december 1447), known as Vlad Dracul (Vlad the Dagon)

    Was an voivode (prince) of Wallachia. He reigned from 1436 to 1442 and again from 1443 to 1447.

    He was the father of:

    -Vlad Calugarul / Vlad the Monk (c.1425-1495)

    -Mircea II (c.1427-1447)

    -VLAD TEPES / VLAD DRACULA(c.nov.dec.1431-dec.1476)

    -Radu cel Frumos / Radu the Handsome(c.1437/1439-1475)

    1.- Vlad Calugarul spent many years in Transilvania (Wallachia) waiting for a chance to get the throne , trying a religious carrer in the meantime, until he become prince of Wallachia (1482-1495).

    Father - Vlad II Dracul

    Mother- Catuna

    2.- Mircea II was the oldest son of Vlad II Dracul and half-brother of Vlad Tepes. He was a one time ruler of the principality of Walachia in the years 1442.

    He was captured by boyars, had his eyes burned out,after which h was buried alive.

    Father - Vlad II Dracul

    Mother- Catuna

    3. -Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, more commonly known as Vlad The Impaler (VLAD TEPES), also known as Vlad DRACULA. He three reigns were in 1448, 1456-1462 and 1476

    Father - Vlad II Dracul

    Mother- princes Cneajna of Moldavia

    4. -Radu Cel Frumos ,the younger brother, was also voivod (prince) of Wallachia, and ruled from thronefrom 1462 until 1473, when he died of syphyllis.

    Source(s): I live in this country, and i know our history. My library with the books of this subject, in Romanian language,and in English language wikipedia - the free encylopedia wikipedia - Vlad II,; Vlad Calugarul; Vlad Tepes; Radu Cel Frumos.
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    Vlad II Dracul had 3 sons by his first wife, an unknown Transylvanian noblewoman

    -Mircea II Basarab

    -Vlad III Tepes "the Impaler"

    - Radu III "cel Frumos" "The Handsome"

    He had 2 sons by Catuna N, later Mother Euphrasim, an Abbess.

    - Vlad IV "Calugarul" "the Monk"

    - Mircea

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    He had a youthful brother named Radu Dracula. try that! i think it replaced into Radu the pleasing Or Radu Tepes, which replaced into Vlad real final call! wish this enables! Did that call show you how to any?

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    only 6

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    I believe he only had two blood brothers, never heard of those other three before.

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    12, but 5 died and were never found, or recorded in history

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