A way to honor my maiden name?

My last name/maiden name, Miller, is dear to me. I have always gone by Miller instead of Ashley at school and among friends. It will be hard to leave it when I get married. :]

I want to name my daughter Milena to honor my strong connection with the Miller side of my family. My question is - what nicknames and/or middle names suggestions do you have for Milena?

Important family members' names I'd like to incorporate:

Adriana, Jeanie, Sue, Lauren, Joley/Joslyn (a hybrid of Ashley & Joe)

Thanks, all! Of note, I am not pregnant. Just a name enthusiast.



Trishyann ~ I thought about calling a son Miller, but it sounds a tad bit too feminine to me as a first name. Thanks for the suggestion though! I'm still contemplating using Miller for a middle name for a son.

{Rachel Marie} ~ I pronounce it [muh-LAY-nuh]. I'm not a huge fan of Milly either, as Mill & Milly were always nicknames for me. My friends called me "Silly Milly" and I just couldn't do that to a daughter! I really like the sound of Milena Joley Sue, and hadn't thought of that combo.

Olivia ~ Thanks for the congrats, but I must reiterate that I'm not prego. :)

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    I think it's great to honor your maiden name. I'd love to do that with mine, because it's so uncommon in the U.S. but there aren't names I could do that with.

    Ha ha, okay, anyway back to the question...

    For Milena, I love the nickname Mia could work. So could Lena or Millie (which isn't my favorite). Lena would by favorite.

    I think these would be nice middle name options:

    Milena Lauren Grace

    Milena Joley Sue

    Milena Jeanie Sue

    Milena Lauren Sue

    Milena Sue Joslyn

    I think Milena is gorgeous. But, how would you pronounce it?

    mil-EE-na or mil-AY-na? I personally pronounce it the second way

    EDIT: Okay, that's how I figured it would be pronounced. Ha ha Silly Milly... That's kind of funny.

    And I'm glad I could help :) I like how it honors your mom and you and your boyfriend

    EDIT again: Okay, so do you know who Mila Kunis is? She's in That 70's Show, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, etc.

    Anyway, I was looking her up on IMDB, and it said her real name is Milena, and she goes by Mila.

    So there's another nickname for it! If you like it. I love the name Mila.

    So, anyway, just wanted to let you know that. Lol

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    I LOVE The nick name MiLa for a baby named MiLena! So cute! Others couLd be MiL, MiLLy, Lena...and as for middLe names maybe:

    MiLena Grace

    MiLena FaitH

    MiLena DanieLLe

    MiLena BrieLLe

    MiLena IsabeL

    MiLena Rose

    MiLena Jocelyn

    MiLena Asha

    MiLena Ariana

    MiLena Laurel

    MiLena JoLie

    HoPe ThiS HeLps=]

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    When I got married I dropped my middle name and my maiden name became my middle name. You can do this if you want to keep Miller in your name. You don't have to hyphenate it, it can just be your new middle name.

    As for the name Milena (I love it). I would not use any nicknames as everyone will naturally be calling her Millie or Lena. You will have to correct them.

    I do like Milena Joley, I also like Milena Adriana - very debutante sounding! :)

    Have fun!

  • Milena is very pretty. For a more exotic nickname, she could go by Lena (LAY-nuh). For a simple, sweet nickname, she could go by Millie or Laney.

    Middle name ideas:

    Milena Jolie (in honor of Joe and Ashley)

    Milena Jean (in honor of Jeanie)

    Milena Susan (in honor of Sue)

    Milena Lauren

    Milena Daphne (Daphne and Lauren both mean "laurel")

    Milena Josephine (in honor of Joe)

    Milena Adrienne (in honor of Adriana)

    When you get married, you can always keep your maiden name as a second middle. That's what I did. Using my pseudonymous last names as an example, I was Emily Joy Sinclair. Now I'm Emily Joy Sinclair Grey. Grey is my last name, and Joy and Sinclair are my middle names. My initials are just EJG -- I don't count the second middle as one of my initials. And I'm just Mrs. Grey, not Mrs. Sinclair-Grey.

    The nice thing about this is that I DO still have checks and such that are under Emily J. Sinclair even though my ID and bank accounts are under my new name. I can still use them. I just sign all four names on them!

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    I really like the name Milena Joley. It sounds like the perfect name for a little princess.

    Source(s): G.R.I.T.S ~ Girls Raised In The South (We Do It Better)
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    I voted on your names list ^^

    Thumbs up on every name. I love all of them :)

    Milena is really pretty ^^ I see it pronounced mel-een-uh. hopefully im correct

    Milena Lauren Ann

    Milena Lauren Sue

    Milena Joslyn Sue

    Milena Adriana Sue

    Milena Sue Jeanie

    I tried ^^""

    Sue is a good ending name for each name ^^. (I saw on your names list you liked double middle names)

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    You could call her Mil or Lena.

    Milena Sue or Milena Lauren would be cute.

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    As middle names go I would go with Adriana it sounds better with Milena.

    And for nick-names go I like Millie or Lena.

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    But I'm not sure how you're going to have this name pronounced.. like Mill-eeee-nuh or Mill-aayy-nuhhh?

    if it's pronunciation 1 then I'd go with Leen (like the word lean lol) or Milly (not too fond of that one)

    if it's pronunciation 2 then it could be Lena (like lane-uh) or drop the 'uh' sound and just have it sound like the word lane!

    wow that was far too complicated.. good luck!

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