forex users help needed?

I'm new to forex and I wanted information like the one I'm going to give an example of. Please don't tell me it's risky or I should try stocks, I have good money management skills and I'm not doing this with my life savings. I need information like the stuff below on a consistent basis daily. Please recommend a site or give me any other information you think is necessary. Thanks in advance


Ready A EURUSD Bid

May-15-08 9:22:05 AM EUR: Positive

USD: Weaker

Author: Taso Anastasiou Technical Alert

Recent activity shows early signs of a potential reversal. Key points are:

1. The medium-term trend identifier has identified a buy zone at 1.5392 (May 7 close). In terms of the medium-term trend, identified through the slope of the key MA, it is still up and oversold conditions indicate these "buy zone" levels. The last buy zone was on Dec 24 at the closing price of 1.4396 - the Euro subsequently rallied to 1.6020. If this latest reading is correct, the coming weeks should see buying interest develop.

2. In Elliott-wave terms, one possible count focusing on the recovery since the 1.4313 low on Dec 20 last year is that the sell-off from 1.6020 to 1.5287 has been a wave-4 decline. If correct, then this reinforces the buy zone highlighted in point 1. It is also worth noting that the 4th-wave has found support in the area of wave-iv of one lower degree (th

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    Focus more on fundamentals than technical analysis. Economic news analysis is what moves the markets.

    Here is a free site that shows what has happened after economic news releases:

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    Well Of Course

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