Why shouldn't I keep my nice garments in plastic dry cleaner bags?

I've heard that it's bad for clothes to store them in the plastic bags that come from the dry cleaners, even after they have been dry cleaned. Why? I would think it would help protect them from dust.

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    Because your clothes need to breathe. Sounds weird, but it's true. Your clothes are made up of fibers (cotton, silk). Plastic doesn't let the air get through enough and you'll eventually wind up ruining your clothing. Weird stains can appear, definitely some funky smells that won't wash out and in the case of delicate clothing, it could destroy it. If you're talking about letting them sit in the bags for a week, I don't think that's that big of a problem. Any longer than that though, isn't good for your clothing. They do make clothing protectors or bags out of heavy cotton twill that not only are good for your clothing but also for the environment.

    Source(s): I learned some of this stuff from the great Martha Stewart, lol!
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    For a week or so, it isn't a problem. But, for longer term storage you shouldn't use the bags because the bags will contain and concentrate moisture from the air. Even this little moisture can cause oxidation, discoloration and provides a wonderful environment for moths (actually moth eggs) to hatch, grow and eat your clothes. You can best protect your clothes from dust by throwing an old sheet over them. As stated above: you have to let your clothes "breathe".

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    I've never heard that honestly. My dresses from formal events and old proms are always dry cleaned afterwards and I keep them in a dress bag.. Not always the one that comes from the cleaners, because they use just nasty cheap plastic... but I would definitely continue to do so.

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    as garbage bags; to wrap prewrapped bread and meats in, before sticking it in the freezer(so there is an extra layer of protection; stuff in packages you are shipping, when needing extra cushioning; donate to the local "meals on wheels" or salvation army, use when cleaning out refrigerator if tossing out heavy bottles/jars,

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    7 years ago

    Thanks for answering my question about storing in plastic.

    Those strange stains also appear without the plastic bags.

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