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Who Hit The Line Drive That Broke Bob Gibsons Leg?

During the 1967 pennant race?

Was Gibson ever a good pitcher after that?

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    It was the late great Roberto Clemente who hit that drive. It actually happened fairly early in the season -- July 15 -- and Gibson was back in Hall of Fame form in time for the World Series. Gibby won *three games* in that seven-game series for the victorious Cards. The following season, he posted a jaw-dropping 1.12 ERA, lowest in the entire modern era, en route to the first of three more 20-win seasons.

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    It was Clemente, but Gibson, being the tuff mug he was, pitched to three more batters before leaving the game.


    15-July-1967, top of the fourth:

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    I think it may have been Clemente. Yes, Gibson was great after that. In 1968 he was so good that MLB ended up lowering the pitchers mound.

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