Is the Hebrew word for lightning really Baraq?

"Fourth, he discusses the Hebrew words for ‘lightning’ and ‘heights.’ He notes that the word for ‘lightning’ is baraq "

got this off of

(i'm not saying i belive any of that, just i'd like to know that word!)



*oops i read a bit further into the page... my question is answered there

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    Barak was a general during the time of the Judges. He was appointed by Deborah the Judge.

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    Yes the hebrew for lightning is Baraq, so yes he got that right but its pretty much the only thing he got right.

    The hebrew word Barak (which is what should be compared to Barack) comes from the root "to bless" so would mean "he blessed" or "he is blessed".

    Despite the authors assertions the word for height (bamah) is not used for the heavens, even then Obama is not even close to "from the heights", that would be U-vamoth in hebrew.

    Luke 10:18 says "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven", In hebrew the phrase would actually be "ra'iyty et-hasatan naphal ca'baraq min-hashamayim".

    As Barack Obama is not Baraq min-hashamayim or even Baraq U-vamoth the person who wrote that post shows a vast ignorance of hebrew/aramaic and is basically making stuff up.

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