Are arabs caucasian?

So i know that Arabs are semitic and i saw some evidence that they are caucasian. The part that bothers me is when people from the US and Europe (some not all) consider them non semitic and they are not caucasian and i assure u they can have blue eyes, most that i met are white the only reason they have olive skin is because of the hot weather they just come in different shades..In North africa and middle east i have met them with blond hairs, blue eyes etc. I think the reason y US and UK think they are not Caucasian is because the arabic white skin isn't lighter than theirs I must admit

I can give u evidence for that

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so is it still true in culture wise that arabs are not caucasians? (i know scientifically they are) but i want to know in racial way, y do some of us consider them dark skinned?

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    Yes Arabs are Caucasians since they have the same origins as Europeans. It's also important to note that Caucasians evolved in the Middle East (near the Caucasus, north of Iran).

    The ''Caucasians'' include: Arabs, North African (Berbers), Iranians, Indian Subcontinental people, Europeans etc. The predominant racial type in all those areas is Caucasian. Even though all these Caucasian groups have some non-Caucasian admixture to some degree (including Europeans) they are still more genetically closer to each other than to non-Caucasians.

    For instance, brown-skinned Arabs are more genetically similar to blonde North Europeans than the Japanese are to Malaysians, and in fact, the racial divide between the North Asians (North Japanese, Korean, North Chinese) and Southern Asians (such as Malaysian, Thai, Filipino) is much much deeper than the one between Arabs and Europeans.

    In forensic science and anthropology, ''Caucasian'' is used to describe a skeleton/skull type, rather than a skin color. You can have pale-skinned Caucasians and dark-skinned Caucasians. The skin color is the least important factor since skin color correlates with lattitude and doesn't necessarily indicate a populations true racial origins.

    Cavalli-Sforza’s Principal Coordinate (PC) autosomal DNA haplogroup gene mappings of major human ethnic and racial groups:

    Cavalli-sforza genetic distance between populations:

    Cavalli-Sforza gene chart of the human race:

    Cavalli-Sforza map showing general genetic distance:

    genetic tree:

    @Ladydee, Arabs are Caucasian not because of mixture with Europeans, but because they have similar origins as Europeans. There is a big difference there.

    Source(s): me, expert on genes
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    Are Arabs Caucasian

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    ONLY PARTLY YES but they are not fully Caucasoid regardless if they have the same origin as Europeans if so then literally all people would be considered Caucasian because we all have the same origins.You do not have to have white skin to be called Caucasian but calling Arabs fully Caucasian is wrong. People living in the Babylon or north Africa have traits that are similar to Asians, Africans and Europeans (one of the reasons they are called middle eastern is because they are in the middle).

    Differences in evolution mainly factor in to different races such as evolving in a hot climate or a region that is closed of by water or on an island and also the type of food that people consume e.g. Europeans developed blond/red hair and coloured eyes because of sexual selection (it was much harder to find a mate so they developed more interesting features different from black hair and eyes) or Africans and Indians evolving darker skin (more melanin in skin) for more skin protection from the harsh sun.

    Caucasian Europeans evolved in a small closed off region where as Persians, Arabs and Sumerians evolved right next to Asia, Africa and partly in eastern Europe, so of course their genes and appearances are mixed from different reproduction, but they still have their own traits that are uniquely theirs both by appearance and physiology.

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    The simple answer to your question is, yes. Arabs, all middle eastern origin and Pakistani/East Indian origin peoples are technically within the greater caucasian family as defined by anthropologists.

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    6 years ago

    you fn retards Caucasian doesn't mean white at all quit using that word. all it meant was bonestructure. south Asians are Caucasian up north but are not white nor European at all. Christopher meiner in 1785 changed the definition of Caucasian to mean exclusively European white when it shouldn't mean racial identity at all. we all know you white trash use that word for priviledges yet you are not a part of asia at all and arabs have nothing to do with European at all.there are people who have different colored eyes but are not European nor white so shut the f uP and be yourself which is a colonial illegal white immigrant because that's what you are and a colony of thieves from the second generation.whites are a recent race and have nothing to do with Asians nor middle east.

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    The fact that you need to ask the question, and the answers are all over the place, quoting irrelevant articles and dated ones or even information written by people who have no current scientific standing, tells it all. The concept of 'Caucasian' is wrong, dated and meaningless. It has changed over the years and now has no scientific value.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    According the US Census, the term Caucasian race is sometimes used to refer to people whose ancestry can be traced back to Europe, North Africa (places like Egypt), or the Middle East (Arabs, etc.) So yes, they are marked as "caucasian" but, they themselves like to consider themselves just "arabs" or "middle-eastern" because their culture is different from other "caucasians" from Europe.

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      We're not talking about ethnicity or culture here, just race.

      And yes, Caucasians have a lot of variety, just like Asians (Mongoloid) have a lot of variety and Africans (*******) have a lot of variety.

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    3 years ago

    Yes, but they are the different type of Caucasian which is different than the European type of Caucasian. Caucasian race itself has its own varieties.

  • 5 years ago

    i met alot of arabs they have white skin and some of them dark skin he told me his skin got darker cause of the sun well it's true they living in the dessert but guess that's all

  • 9 years ago

    Yes Arabs are (mostly) Caucasian. Caucasian does not mean 'white' and does not require blue eyes etc.

    Semitic means belonging to a particular language group.

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