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The walking dead, do zombies remember their past life?

on the walking dead show..

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    They only remember pieces of when they were alive, it is shown in the first episode when the young girl zombie picks up the teddy and also later when the zombie tries to open the door to her home...According to The Walking Dead Wiki - "Though zombies retain a physical resemblance to the living, cognitive similarities are almost non-existent beyond low-level functions, though there are examples of behavior that suggest zombies may retain small fragments of memory of their past lives."

    It's never really mentioned in the television show but it is only shown, when Andrea's sister dies and comes back as a zombie, for a moment her sister listens to what Andrea is saying but soon after tries to bite her.

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    Its possible but it hasnt been revealed any further then how Morgan's wife turned the doorknob of the house they were staying in.

    and the 2 zombies that Michonne had with her really didnt try to bite her no more. I mean sure they have no teeth or jaws but i would think a zombie would be head butting someone to get at them lol But I guess not.

    Eventually the brain WILL rot and decompose. so I think IF they do remember a little it would eventually disapate.

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    Undead To dream that you're undead represents your lack of ability to precise your self. you experience disconnected with others. even so, the dream signifies that you've relapsed again on your old conduct and procedures.? To dream that you're undead represents your lack of ability to precise your self. you experience disconnected with others. even so, it signifies that you've reverted again on your old conduct and procedures. Zombie to work out or dream that you're a zombie signifies that you're bodily and/or emotionally indifferent from human beings and circumstances that are presently surrounding you. you experience out of contact. even so, a zombie signifies that you're feeling lifeless interior. you're only dealing with the motions of daily living. To dream that you're attacked by technique of zombies element out that you're feeling beaten by technique of forces previous your administration. you're lower than large rigidity on your waking existence. even so, the dream represents your fears of being helpless and overpowered.

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    No, the zombies don't have memory's or any other human brain activity..other than mindless hunger

    Source(s): Season 1, last episode, it explains everything that happens in a zombies head.
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    In one of the first episodes the guys wife returns to her house. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

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