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How powerful is TNT compared to C4 and Dynamite?

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    As far as I'm aware (I may be misinformed) but I believe C4 - although very powerful - is not the most powerful. It is used for various purposes, such as precision explosions and also used to detonate much bigger bombs.

    C4 is very stable and can be moulded like a dense putty. I understand that it takes compression and heat to set it off, just lighting it on fire will do nothing, it burns like one of those kerosene cubes they call 'fire lighters' or something. Military officers can use it as a candle by getting a small cube and lighting it. it burns slowly and as long as nothing hits it (like stamping out the flame suddenly or dropping something heavy on it or something) it is considered safe. C4 requires a blasting cap to set it off, which is a lil low powered explosive that is detonated from an electrical charge. u stab a hole in the C4 and push the blasting cap into it, then use a detonator to set off the blasting cap to set off the C4.

    TNT, as I understand, is much more unstable and does not like to be exposed to flames and such. A more primative explosive it is, and much easier to set of with a tipical black powder fuse.

    Dynamite, if I am correct, is the love child of TNT, more sophisticated by a margine, and less powerful if I remember correctly. It was much used in mining over the ages as it was a bit more refined than old TNT and more compact so a higher quantity could be carried. It was later replaced by its baby sister, Gelegnite or however its spelt, which is a lot less powerful, cheaper and more reliable I believe.

    So my answer is, TNT is more powerful, Dynamite is the better alternative and more stable to TNT, but C4 is the most reliable, stable, safe and controlled/controllable of the three.

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    C4 Dynamite

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    The explosive speed of TNT is 6900 m/s.

    The explosive speed of RDX is 8750 m/s. Plastic explosives are 91% rdx and 9% motor oil and stuff that gives C4 its consistency and makes it easy to work with, but brings the velocity down to 8040 m/s.

    If you want to substitute one of another, C-4 is 1.34 times as effective as TNT.


    You can follow the links on that page to learn as much as you want to know about the explosives and composites.

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    tnt in most peoples minds is dynamite

    c4 is more powerful because it can be shaped to deliver a accurate blast to a small area thus meaning you can use less and get the same results

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    Well, I am tall and skinny like a stick of dynamite.

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