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Anonymous asked in HealthGeneral Health CarePain & Pain Management · 9 years ago

please tell me about Rheumatoid Arthritis.?

Recently I have got a treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was suffering from pain for three months. but now i don't feel pain in my joints. My 1 finger's joint is damaged i feel a little bit of pain in it. but some time i feel some pain in my others joints too. i had stopped my treatment for a year. please tell me is that dangerous? and also i had read that Rheumatoid Arthritis patient has a chance of heart attack do i hav too? plaease tell me about it thanks in advance

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  • 9 years ago
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    Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease which means your immune system is attacking itself. In Rheumatoid Arthritis the immune system attacks the synovium of the joints, which is why you get swelling and pain. It can cause deformities if you delay treatment. Usually the treatment is used to slow the disease down and prevent these deformities.

    Occasionally remission does occur, but it's usually achieved with medication. So when you stop the medication it often comes back. If you stop treatment and you have pain and swelling then you are at risk of further damage. You should be getting advice from your doctor about your individual case. But if I had pain and swelling, I wouldn't be stopping treatment.

    And yes, people with Rheumatoid Arthritis have an increase risk of heart disease. It also doesn't matter how well controlled your symptoms are, your risk of heart disease is still high. You should do all you can to ensure your heart is healthy. Eat well and exercise and also take Omega 3 fish oil. This helps with your joints and heart.

    Good luck.


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  • 4 years ago

    I have both Rheumatoid arthritis and osteo arthritis in the severe degenerative stages. I've had eight surgeries on my spine in three years, it eats the bone away. It actually eats the bones like a cancer. I don't know what you've been told but, whatever it was I'm telling you this disease is eating me away, my bones like cancer, slowly year by year it's getting worse. The pain is becoming unbearable as it becomes worse. I can hardly use my hands any more. I can't walk, I can't stand. My back is so bad. It's pain pills after pain pills. I take so many. They're operating on my hands in five days to fuse my hands, they'll become stiff anyway with time, the pain has become unbearable. They're becoming stiff on they're own. Take care Honey

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  • 4 years ago

    Imagine for a moment your arthritis completely vanishing right now.

    If, in a moment, your pain and stiffness melted away. And your joints all of a sudden functioned like a well-oiled machine.

    Like a magic wand was waived, you'd be able to jump up from your chair and run around the room like a kid.

    And imagine that you'd never have to suffer as much as a pinch of arthritis stiffness or pain ever again.

    I know this sounds impossible right now, but bear with me, because sometimes miracles happen.

    It was a gift from a woman on the other side of the world. From the kindness of her heart, she took pity on my suffering and taught me how to completely reverse my arthritis.

    Today, I want to do the same for you!

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  • 9 years ago

    R.A. can go into remission and return. It damages joints and even with some treatments that can be effective it is a life long disorder.

    It is not dangerous to stop treatment, but treatment can prevent or reduce damage and pain, there is no danger of heart attacks in R.A. sufferers than any other people.

    Source(s): My mother, her brothers, and uncles had R.A.
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  • 9 years ago

    I remeber my mom cowroker's daughter was diagonsed with it when they just did a eye check up on her and they found something that was linked to it. But that is all I know.

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