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I really need help! ?

I'm 15 and I've been on anti-depressants for a few weeks now and I'm not getting better at all. I know I'm meant to keep taking them until I get better but I'm not showing any signs of 'better'. I get suicidal thoughts every day and there isn't a night that passes without me going to sleep crying. I'm started to seriously get sick of my life and I don't know how to handle anything anymore. I have another doctors appointment soon for a check up and I don't know what he will suggest for me because I don't talk to people, I can't talk to people. I get scared just to leave the house. I'm stressed constantly and because of this my hair hasn't grown in months. I need help, please someone give me some suggestions on what I can do?!

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    Molly you need to hang in there

    Please see the books of Dr Peter Breggin on the dangers of antidepressants

    see if your library has any or get through inter-library loan and read and have your mom read them

    these drugs can cause permanent brain damage to the neurotransmitter receptor sites.

    I know what it feels like to be depressed and suicidal.

    I was on antidepressant drugs for 15 years after years of resisting till I couldn't get out of bed

    I was on a total of 14 of them, I was suicidal every single day for 15 years. finally the last drug they gave me one so dangerous that 4 pharmacies did not carry it for that reason threw me in the hospital. After I got released I decided to stop taking all of them and within a week, ALL suicidal ideation went away completely for 8 years, I was still depressed and I still had clinical depression but no suicidal thoughts after 15 years --that's over 5000 days and then nothing pretty much overnight.

    They did not label the drug then with this side effect. the drug companies knew as they had many reports coming in of both suicides and homicides and hid it. Now after the deaths of many, a lot of lawsuits and sad congressional hearing where many parents spoke of their children committing suicide after they started on these drugs, it is finally labeled.

    They did a study of two groups of depressed people and found that those taking antidepressants (ssri) had more suicides than those depressed people taking nothing. those on these drugs also had more suicidal thoughts and depression.

    Can you talk to people anonymously on the phone if so then call crisis or suicidal hotlines as I have found these very helpful in talking about problems dont let them sidetrack you by asking if you are on meds or in counseling..tell them how you feel and you must talk about what is upsetting and stressing you out or call one in another city

    go here and type depression and later suicidal in the search engine and read of people helped by going on the hallelujah diet click on hallelujah diet for explanation of the diet

    go here and see what I say on fats as these affect these mental illnesses--all types really and have been helped with high doses of fish oil or omega three fats like if vegan chia seeds;_ylt=AoMuD...

    heres why..the neurons are brain cells and think of it as island the synaptic gap is where the neurotransmitters go through to get to the next brain cell/island think of it as a lake between islands. Think of the neurotransmitters like serotonin as boats and the neurotransmitter receptor sites as docking bays they must get it to travel down the next island to the next lake.

    Usually these neurotransmitter receptor sites are flexible and the boats (neurotransmitters) wiggle in but when we ate the wrong fat, they harden and then the boats cannot wiggle in and they are get stuck in the lake and this creates a chemical imbalance that cause a mental illness,.

    We get 50 times too much omega 6 fats over omega three when thy should be equal..although it might take a year or so, as we eat the right fats and stop the bad ones, the docking bays get flexible again the the fats are able to get out of the lake stopping the chemical imbalance.

    also read these books

    1 feeling good

    2 7 weeks to emotional healing

    3 change your brain change your life

    4 excuse me your life is waiting

    5 happy for no reason

    and apply the info in the book

    I want you to remember this--the only people who had bad and horrible life after death experiences were those who tried to commit suicide and I heard a program lately that said those who killed themselves have to come back and do it all over again so stay here as it could be worse when dead.

    You must resit and you must talk to someone to vent. At least write it out to get it out of you, try to find solutions for your stressors. this fish oil has also helped with agoraphobia if that is why you are scared to leave the house. I also am stressed constantly and it sucks but we must hang in there anyways

    when stressed do these things, distract yourself maybe tv a book hobby or computer, take a hot bath drink herb tea, journal, take a walk

    Write all the good things that happen down and any compliments or things that make you feel good and when down read them cultivate relationship to god and discuss all this with mom

    I hope things get better for you and dont do it as you will help many in life and if you aren't here they wont be helped.

    Research some natural things to help depression as might be the drug making you feel suicidal or making it worst unless it is always like this..

    Source(s): Molly promise me you will think about what I said and recommended and dont do anything like you are thinking of as life often gets better and even if it doesn't it still has some good moments. what if it is true that if we kill ourselves it is horrible as some of these negative experiences suicidal people that had life after death experiences were really bad..I dont think it is worth risking so I keep on fighting to survive it all. I had had the worst life but for some reason God wants me here as I am lucky to be here and survived times that should have killed me,,I wish you can find the strength you need to battle dont knwo how strong we really can be if we put all we have into it.
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    Yoga is good for anxiety, stress and depression and can help you to relax.

    St John's Wort and Valerian are supposed to help as well as other means discussed in the third link below.

    Unfortunately St John's Wort can have some bad side effects such as increasing your BP and a few others as in

    Anxiety, stress and depression can cause over 100 health problems as in

    Natural remedies for anxiety, stress and depression include meditation, herbs, vitamins and others as in

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    a few weeks insn't long enough. gotta wait a few months.

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    just do it than no tension

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