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Dreams about ex-boyfriend and his new wife.?

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Lately, I have been dreaming about my ex boyfriend from 4 years ago. In my dream, my DH and I are on an exotic vacation, and in the middle of it my ex shows up. He and his new wife ...show more
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There is no need to worry, Stephanie.

Those memories of your ex will always be buried somewhere in your mind. Probably something occurred recently that reminded you of your ex - it might be a place you visited with him, or you might have seen an old movie that you'd first seen with him... it could even have been a snippet of music or an odor that you did not notice with your conscious mind. Whatever it was, it triggered the old memories, which caused the first dream. "Stepping over" the other couple is a metaphor illustrating the fact that those memories have affected your present relationship, and it is time to "get over" them.

That first dream bothered you, and you began wondering why you had that dream, and still more memories came to mind. THAT brought up the second dream along with feelings of guilt and regret.

The meaning of the dreams, especially the second dream, is that you have matured enough to see this past relationship from a better, more rational perspective. You are a different person than you were then, with more insight and understanding. This is an opportunity to forgive yourself, accept your past, and celebrate the good choices you have made since then. Congratulations on your love and strong marriage - very well done!


More examples and explanations on the way dreams communicate: http://starrdreams.com/gpage.html

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Thank you! That was such an insightful response. I feel so much better now. Reading through a few of your comments you mentioned that something may have occurred to remind me of my ex. I can see those things now, lol. Also, the stepping over explanation makes sense! Thank you so much!
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Dreams about ex-boyfriend and his new wife.?
Lately, I have been dreaming about my ex boyfriend from 4 years ago. In my dream, my DH and I are on an exotic vacation, and in the middle of it my ex shows up. He and his new wife are on their honeymoon, and are staying in the room next door.....only there is no door. That night my hubby and I build a fire, and have to step over them to get to it, which wakes them up for a min. The next day my DH and I are at the gift shop and I see the exs' wife lay her keys down on the counter, on her keychain is her engagement ring. I notice that it's the same one he was going to give to me. My hubby and I leave, not having spoken two words to the other two. We pick up our kids and head home.

In another dream, I was at a get together with the same group of people we used to hang out with, only this time he sees me and I'm trying to get his attention and apologize for something I actually did in real life, and he keeps walking away. I start crying because I'm hurt that he won't stop and talk to me. He just keeps walking away and looking at me reproachfully.
What could this mean?? I have never felt so safe, and loved as I do with my husband, and would never consider going back to my ex even if I were single, but why am I dreaming about he and his wife?? Or about needing to talk to him and apologize?
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