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Congress is working on legislation to address global warming - what would you like to see included?

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    When it comes to the issue of global climate change it seems that most of its opponents propose that to act with environmental responsibility would be detrimental to the economy - This perspective is flawed and in implementing legislation it is increasingly important that this fault is exposed not only to our representatives in government but to the American people.

    Legislation constructed to address global climate change actually offers our great nation, not only an opportunity to regain our global prestige by leading the charge on such an important global issue, but by investing in environmental technologies this will also provide us a unique opportunity to control our own economic fate. For some time now our country's trade balances have pushed increasingly into the red, our debt has soared and our economy persists more because our citizens live on credit or off of their mortgages, and cycle vast quantities of borrowed money paying each other for services thus recycling the same dollars around in circles creating an illusionary economy. At the same time very few products are actually produced on American soil and what is produced in America is rarely competitive because the same product is frequently produced more cheaply elsewhere. The reason why it is important to see the American economy for what it is is because this is what allows us to see global climate change for what it offers. America needs to pass legislation that will enable us to become world leaders in environmental technologies such that we once again have a product that we can export to the world. For a start a massive effort has to be made to develop cheap mass produced hydrogen engines for automobiles within years, not decades. This would have immediate consequences for the American economy. The Detroit automotive factories could be re-outfitted to produce these vehicles and by being the world leaders in this technology America would quickly pass Japan as the leading exporter of automobiles thus capturing foreign currency and positive trade balances. Nationally many jobs would be created not only in these automotive factories but also in laying down the massive infrastructure that would be needed to fuel these new vehicles creating a mass influx of jobs nationwide. Now, hydrogen is not guaranteed to be clean unless the electricity producing it is clean. President Bush is keen on promoting Nuclear and Clean coal, but the key in legislating this energy development is not by promoting what can only be done in America, but instead should focus once again on what can be marketed to the world. Considerable investment capital should once again be poured out so that the solar, windmill and tidal generators can be revolutionized with America being the sole patent holders as this technology is exported throughout the Globe. Japan is already doing considerable amounts of research into low velocity windmills, and Canada has a leading Tidal research center at the Bay of Fundy. It is time for America to take the lead and develop state of the art high-speed windmills throughout the Midwest wind corridors, to surpass the Canadian studies in our own extreme tide bays of the North-Eastern United States, and to become the world leaders in solar energy technology across the Sunbelt of America from Florida to California. Unlike nuclear energy, which has a limited export value, these technologies could be widely distributed around the globe thereby further promoting a positive trade balance and a stronger American economy.

    As these leaps in technology come to fruition, America should then pursue steep environmental policies on national and international levels. By this point America should be producing enough renewable energy that the national energy supply is nearly 100% clean and the automobiles are also running on zero carbon emission hydrogen engines. The industrial sector could be increasingly updated with hydrogen/clean electricity alternatives to reduce their emissions as well. With America doing so well we could use our example, our economic clout and our international influence to implement strict environmental policy on all countries around the globe. World Bank, IMF, APEC would all provide as strong organizations to implement such policies and if any country finds itself unable to afford the changes necessary it should be considered that the appropriate loans are given so that we are not only selling our technologies, and doing the engineering and consultancies to implement these projects, but are able to collect interest on the purchase as well.

    In conclusion I would like to see an impressive and comprehensive plan passed through the legislative process in order to combat global climate change starting with an Iraq war equivalency in spending towards the development of the hydrogen engine and the corresponding infrastructure necessities right through to bold international programs that provide expertise and loans for the implementation of clean electricity programs tailor-made to each country's needs to achieve zero emissions in all their energy requirements.

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      why the askers account is official!

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    Why should congress take steps to deal with a problem that is a naturally occurring phenomenon? Global warming, in the sense that we are causing it, does not exist. The Earth's temperature has been slowly rising since the last mini-iceage, which is about the time records were starting to be kept. This is long before the Industrial revolution that many blame it on.

    One question I will ask in return: What was done 30 years ago about the concern of the day, global cooling?

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    Michael Moore

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    What I would like to see:

    More funding for alternative energy such as bio diesel and E85.

    What I don't want to see:

    Carbon credit trading. The American consumers and tax payers.

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    I don't know that anyone will really read this or not but apparently there may be a new type of engine in production in France soon that could greatly ease the pollution problem from C02.

    This looks like it may have a great future. It sounds like an engineers dream to work on perfecting this to be a workable solution to at least a large part of the problem.

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    Electric Cars

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    Impeach Bush

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    Is the earth still flat? Seems to me the planet has existed quite well without human interference. In fact the notion that we can somehow affect the planet on a macro level is totally absurd. This must be the new religion for left wing wacko's. Your zeal to establish an arguement for more taxes is based on the fallacy of global warming. Have you ever noticed what happens when a building or road is abandoned. Nature quietly takes over and before long any sign of human activity is long gone. Protecting the environment doesn't have to strangle us with legislation. Just use common sense.

    On a more serious side if you want to do something which benefits all humanity, get us out of Iraq.

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    I feel that the thing that would accomplish the most is a lot of money for public transportation. Until that becomes a lot more adequate than it is today, people will be forced to continue driving individual vehicles everywhere. For instance, the city I live in, which is a suburb of Dallas, has no bus service at all. I am fortunate enough to live close to the edge of the city and would only have to walk a mile to the nearest bus stop, but for most people who live here it would be impossible.

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    The truth for once from congress!

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