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    What kind of phone scam is this?

    I just received 2 phone calls from different numbers within 5 minutes. When I answered, all I heard was “after the tone” and then a beep, like an answering machine. No one is on the other line. How does this scam work? 

    8 Answers1 month ago
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    What is the best landline replacement for an older person?

    I want to do something to replace my mom's landline because it is getting so expensive.  I think around here the cost of a residential dial tone is $35 and that's if she doesn't call long distance.

    I'm not sure about getting her a cell phone, touch screens are out for her, I can't get her to understand how to dial a call or answer the phone if it rings.  She is also worried about loosing her phone number.  My parents had an old heavy phone mounted on the kitchen wall until 1973 when the phone company replaced it with a lighter plastic phone and they had that rotary phone until 1993 when that phone was replaced with a newer phone and she's had her current phone since.   She's had the same phone number since 1973.

    I was considering a home phone from Straight Talk, then I could just plug in a regular phone, but I'm not sure if I could just port her current landline or if she would need a new number.  Also it's a real pain to port back out of Straight Talk, only the connection center at Walmart knows how to do it.

    I've been trying to teach her how to use a cordless handset but it hasn't been easy.

    9 Answers5 months ago
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    What hapens to (landline) phone numbers after they are canceled?

    My family who I live apart from has had home phone # since a few years before I was born in the the early 90's. We all have cell phones now and most of the calls we got on that # were spam so we have been thinking about cancelling it for a few years. I suggested that before they cancel it they talk to me so that I can pay for it to be put on numberbarn or google voice or another similar service (I'm nostalgic and may want to use the # in the future). However a week or two ago they *cancelled it and while it was still getting calls as of two weeks ago when I visited it shortly after they cancelled it, I called it today and my cell said the number was incorrect. Is there any chance I could still get it transferred if I act soon (the last provider was Comcast) or is it lost to me indefinately?

    *IDK if they didn't understand what I wanted to do with it or they didn't want to see me spend my money on something they thought was unnecessary.

    9 Answers6 months ago
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    Name the numerator in:X/10

    6 Answers6 months ago
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    Do you have VTech phones?

    9 Answers7 months ago
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    Is it a mistake to eliminate all landline telephones ??

    Cell phones are great but I still think landline are more reliable.  If a natural disaster, a real war breaks out, if I am stuck some place where phone has no signal, dead, broke or misplaced.  Not everyone wants or has a phone.  I think in ten years landline probably be gone which I think is a mistake.

    28 Answers8 months ago
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    Were cell phones digital or analog in 1992 and 1993?

    This was around when 2G came out, which is digital. 

    8 Answers9 months ago
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    Do you get phone calls from scammers pretending to be someone they aren't?

    Favorite Answer:

    I get them every day and they drive me insane.It's easy to see a scam call because the number appears on my keypad as a spoofed number so I immediately know it's a scammer trying his luck.I pick up the phone and answer it as police,and suddenly the phone goes dead.The other thing I now have is a horn attached to my phone so that when they call I place the receiver inside the horn and set it off....I would love to see the reaction on the scammer's must be quite a shock !!!

    14 Answers9 months ago
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    How do I write on large paper? ?

    9 Answers10 months ago
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    Why ordinary phones can't capture stars? I tried many times and nothing really captured?

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    While your eyes can see plenty of stars in a dark sky, photographic film and digital sensors need a little help. They need extra time (long exposures) to collect enough photons for the stars to show up, and sometimes some processing in Photoshop (etc.) to bring out the details. Use a tripod or other support to hold it steady and a camera control app that lets you manually set the exposure. Patience and a willing to experiment will go a long way!

    15 Answers10 months ago
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    I saw my brothers phone number appear on our TV screen yesterday when he called our house, does this mean our phones are being monitored?

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    You likely have telephone service via your cable TV service provider.  Pushing the callerID info for incoming calls to the set top box is one of the features.   That is not an indication that your phones are or are not being monitored. 

    5 Answers10 months ago
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    I lost my Android Phone in my house and the battery is dead. How can I find it?

    I lost my phone recently in my house, and I have torn up the house and put everything back into place to look for it. I have tried calling it but it is not connected to the internet and is dead. I have not been outside, so I know I could not have lost it outside. HELP!

    13 Answers11 months ago
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    Can you trace an incoming call?

    i have been receiving multiple prank calls. it has gotten to the point that it's involving my children's lives and intervening with my relationship with my family. i know the person is using some type of app to change the phone number every time they call me. is there a way i can trace the prank caller outside of their phone number?

    14 Answers11 months ago
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    12 Answers11 months ago
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    Does the US use a trunk code for calling phone numbers because I know countries suck as the UK use 0 as a trunk code for calling out of area?

    Favorite Answer:

    All numbers from our land line are 10 digits within the USA,


    where aaa is the area code, and eee-nnnn is the number.

    It makes no difference if the call is next door, or all the way across the country.

    For international calls (except Canada), we dial


    where ccc is the country code (the UK is 44, for example)

    and nnnnnnn... is the number, however many digits are customary

    4 Answers11 months ago