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    Dog name to match my cats name, Boaty?

    Hi all. I have a cat named Boaty. His name was the one the shelter gave him, and I thought it was too cute to change. I'm in the process of getting a husky puppy, and I wanted his name to match in a way with Boaty's! I was thinking Sailor, but that's my cousin's dog's name. Do you guys have any cute names like that?

    15 Answers2 days ago
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    Why do dogs walk into incoming trains?

    I seen many videos of dogs walking into trains and getting ran over by the massive train.

    7 Answers1 day ago
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    Dog names? Help!?


    What should I name my cocker spaniel puppy. He's a boy. I want something cool/bada$$ and musclin that's goes with him as he grows older.

    Thank you. 

    9 Answers2 days ago
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    3 week old puppy doesn’t want to walk anymore?

    My puppies will turn 4 weeks on Friday. One of them eats until they’re stomach is so full it’s hard to the touch and always hates pooping. He suddenly stopped wanting to try and walk like he has no more strength in his legs. He’s also breathing faster than the other puppies. Idk if it’s because he’s full or if it’s something more serious. One of my puppies already died on me and started off the same as this other puppy. Someone help please! And thank youuuuu! 

    18 Answers4 days ago
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    Is it racist to say that certain dog breeds have certain tendencies?

    Behavior is socially constructed and dogs that like to chase squirrels are only doing so because of a deep-seated hatred for them. It has nothing to do with genetics.

    6 Answers16 hours ago
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    Mom says dogs won't listen...?

    My mom owns two huskies and also loves to plant tomato and squash in her garden. Problem is the dogs tend to eat and wreck the fruits when they get big enough. My mom says she repeatedly yells at them to not eat their fruits and to leave her garden alone but they never do.

    Says she once had to spend two hours chasing them away from her garden but once she's out of sight, they run right back there to try and eat the plants. She doesn't want to fence off the garden or put up any barrier nor tie up the dogs but is getting tired of having to protect her plants from dogs that won't listen to her.

    Obviously, I've told her that they're untrained house dogs and can't understand our human speech nor would they care. Any suggestions on how she can freely grow a garden and keep her dogs from wrecking it?

    8 Answers2 days ago
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    My dog might have a mast cell tumor again. What should I do?

    My dog had a grade 2 mast cell tumor on her head 8 years ago when she was 2 and now she has bump near where her scar is. our vet gave us 2 options either he removes it meaning she will have another scar on her head or we watch and see if grows. He also explained that the bump is too small to do a fine needle aspiration and the only way he could biopsy it was to remove it. Now fast forward 3 weeks later and we think it actually got bigger but we’re debating whether we should schedule another appointment to have it removed or to wait and see if it grows more. Would like to hear opinions on what to do if it was your dog.

    6 Answers2 days ago
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    What causes hemorrhagic pancreatitis in dogs?

    I’m just wondering my dog died of this and she 14 a boxer dog... she was completely fine until a few months after her birthday we found blood in her stool but the antibiotics did not work. I’m worried she was poisoned or something 

    8 Answers3 days ago
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    My dog is injured but from what?

    I was out for a short walk with my puppy and it was the same old usual, he was playing in the grass. Then suddenly he just lay down still. I picked him up and his arm was bent. I panicked thinking he broke it but he did not squeal or whine nothing, which he usually does when hes hurt. We came home and his arm was was bent but he soon started to walk with straight legs. He was itching his paw tho so we think maybe a bug bite. The vets are closed today but for peace of mind, could his arm be broker or 

    5 Answers1 day ago
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    Since summer started 2 weeks ago(96 F where I live) my two pups are being very picky about their food?

    My 2 pups, 4 months and 5 months old, have stopped eating the dog food I give them. Before they were healthy eaters. These days I have to coax them with titbits and I’ve gone through a couple of dog foods, wet(gravies) and dry and dog treats but they’re hardly eating. I’ve taken them to the vet for a checkup, they’re fine and active otherwise. Only eating eggs, cheese and cottage cheese. 

    I’m worried about their nutrition being affected during this crucial growing stage, any tips? Thanks

    6 Answers3 days ago
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    How can I get rid of my fear of dogs? ?

    Favorite Answer:

     • "How can I get rid of my fear of dogs?"

    👸🏽 By deciding that you are SICK & TIRED of being scared of dogs!

    👸🏽 Then de-sensitising yourself plus learning the real danger signals that angry or scared dogs display, so you know when to worry, when to not worry.

    You will soon discover that MOST dogs are INTERESTED in you (most dogs lead BORING lives, with far too few trips to meet other dogs and other people), not angry with you. And SCENT is the best sense of all dogs - so they want to SMELL everything about you to learn such as what mood you are in, what you ate during your latest meal, where you have been today, which local dogs you have already met. The SAFEST way to do that is to stand still and offer the knuckles side of your relaxed hand to it at the height ITS nose is. Let IT decide how close it wants to come, and how many sniffs it wants to take.

    If you are much taller than it, you might choose to crouch or squat, to be less towering-over-it (towering over a dog is THREATENING to it).

    • "I've had a fear of dogs ever since when I was playing in the park at night and an owner had a puppy in her hands and it jumped out and ran after me."

    💥Q1. Was it ONLY the pup that scared you? Or are you also scared of other things in the dark?

    • "After that time, I was scared of dogs regardless if they were on a leash or not. I'm afraid of dogs because of impulsivity. I am afraid that a dog will run, jump, bark, and lick me. I don't want dogs to come into contact with me. Also, I'm afraid of them being impulsive."

    🐕 Of COURSE untrained dogs are impulsive. So are untrained children!

    🐩 Of COURSE dogs will RUN - they are attracted to almost anything that MOVES! So are most pre-school children! NEVER run from a 🏃‍♀️ dog. If you're scared, try to get into someone's fenced front lawn and shut the gate. Otherwise, just stand STILL and try to think "happy thoughts" so that the dog won't detect that you are angry or scared.

    🦮 Of COURSE dogs will JUMP - it is an excitement reaction in untrained dogs that, at home, are used to getting made a fuss of when they jump at their pet-humans.

    🐩 Of COURSE dogs will bark. It is one of the 2 ways they communicate with animals - and humans ARE animals, as are birds, cats, elephants, horses. YOU need to learn the differences between a WARNING bark and a GREETING bark, and then react appropriately to that kind of bark.

    🐕‍🦺 Of COURSE dogs will lick you if you are sweating or nervous. There is very little salt in their diet, but plenty in your sweat.

    💥Q2: What YEAR were you born?

    💥Q3: State the CALL-NAME and AGE (to nearest number of years) of the other people in your household, and for each one state whether that person LOVES most dogs, or is SCARED of most dogs.

    💥Q4: Do you live in a home that has a back-door that opens straight into a securely fenced back yard?

    💥Q5: If "you" rent this property, is the landlord happy for tenants to keep cats or dogs inside the house?

    • "How do I get rid of my fear of dogs?"

    THAT was you original question.

    Although I've had a few city pupils who were scared of dogs (they had to stay back against the wall of the open-plan classroom their "block"s teachers had asked me to bring one of my German Shepherd Dogs to school to talk about, and for the sensible children to then be allowed to pat), you take me back to January 1984 (summer in my nation) when Michelle, a young lawyer (possibly still at university) asked to visit my litter to help her get over her fear (my GSD breed is commonly the breed used by police dog handlers in most of the world, so are SCARY to many folk). Although herding and protecting sheep was their original task, they are also very suitable as tracking dogs for such as Search&Rescue, for detecting invaders into military camps, for taking-down violent criminals.

    Plus also for a competitive sport known as "Dancing with Dogs":   and

    Plus   for "tricks".

    Plus   for a bit of silliness.

    On the prearranged day I kept the 7-weeks-old pups moving until they were thoroughly tired, then slightly overfed them and put them into the coat-recess just inside my front door. They were THOROUGHLY asleep by the time Michelle and her mother arrived.

    I opened the front door and greeted them. Michelle froze to the spot she was standing on when she realised where the pups were. Her mother & I went inside, leaving the front door open. We had chatted, had 2 cuppas each, and had discussed the photos in 2 albums BEFORE Michelle worked up enough determination to sidle up the 2 steps to the porch, up the step into the hallway, slide sideways along the wall while staring at the pups, then into the lounge with us, where she took a while to overcome her tension. She then asked me to bring ONE of the pups into the lounge - which I did, shutting the door behind me, and put the pup on the carpet, where he lay, still too full to have much energy, so Michelle touched him a few times, relaxed when he didn't savage her, and eventually asked to buy him. Her father LOVED L.Kunta Kunte.

    Unfortunately Kunta grew to be the 2nd biggest GSD I ever produced - and so her father (who'd cut a slot in the backdoor and hung the cut timber from the upper part of the slot so that it could be pushed open by Kunta from either side) had to cut a BIGGER slot.

    If you decide you ARE determined enough to overcome your current fear, decide what breed you are willing to live with for 10-to-15 years, find a breeder who is prepared to let you take as long as you need. (If you pick the right time & breeder, you MIGHT be welcome to meet the pups at 5 weeks, 6 weeks, 7 weeks old before deciding whether you can live happily with that kind of dog or bìtch for that many years, PLUS book yourself in to a dog training class or group for about a year starting when Pup is 18-to-22 weeks old so that YOU get coached on how to train that kind of pooch, and Pup learns to pay attention regardless of what other dogs & people are doing. But realise that training is ESSENTIAL, starting with toilet-training based on you OBSERVING Pup the whole time it is awake, learning its timings (how long after waking? - after eating or drinking? - after exercise or play?) and signal for "Wanna go TOILET!" so that you pick it up and cheerfully take it out to the designated toiletting area. And ALWAYS praise it & reward it (rubs on chest or between the front legs; a pea-sized taste-treat) as soon as it does its piddle-or-poo.

    You are unfortunate with the first 3 answerers. YahooAnswers is currently in its death throes.

    Those readers who own (or are owned by!) a GSD are invited to read:

    then join it.

    I haven't had time to do much promotion of it.

    Les the aged Kiwi - first pup in 1950, GSD trainer & breeder as of Easter 1968

    6 Answers3 days ago
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    Should I pick my best friend of 26 years or a rescue pit bull that I Got 3 weeks ago.?

    I got this rescue pit. When my friend came over the pit growled at him, chased him and chewed up his shoes. My friend was upset and said he won't be meeting me any more because of the pit bull.

    I must decide on the pit bull or my friend. Which one is more valuable human friendship or a rescue dog?

    15 Answers6 days ago