what's the difference bewteen a mafist and pescetarian?

I know mafists don't eat mammalian meat (pork, beef, etc.) and pescetarians seem to avoid land-based meat entirely. So is it a semantic difference?


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There is a difference. Pescetarians eat the meat of fish and other non-mammalian sea creatures, but not of birds or reptiles, nor of mammals. Mafists avoid only the meat of mammals. They eat poultry and fish. (I guess they might also eat reptiles. And insects would be technically okay, but I'm guessing most mafists are squeamish about bugs and avoid them.) Mafists eat more different kinds of animals than do pescetarians.

Mafists are sometimes called pesco-pollo-tarians, but that's really bulky. They simply choose not to eat mammals. They may choose this for health reasons. They may choose this because we humans are mammals, and so they see more commonalities between humans and other mammals than they do between humans and non-mammalian animals. While they realize that a vegetarian diet is a good idea, they don't want to do all the work of actually being vegetarian.


Pescetarians, while still not vegetarian, are one step closer. Some pescetarians even call themselves vegetarian, confusing the whole issue. When I lived in California, I knew dozens of pescetarians who called themselves vegetarian. I'm not exaggerating - I was really confused at first, watching all these people who called themselves vegetarian eating fish and shellfish.

A lot of non-vegetarians think that pescetarian and vegetarian are pretty much the same thing. The other night, I was in a restaurant and the server offered me fish. I had to gently explain what vegan actually means. It all worked out fine, and he took good care of me, but it was a reminder that even though we have words for all different kinds of diets, it doesn't mean that everyone shares the same vocabulary.


Mafists still consume chicken and birds and fish but no mammals, where as a Pescatarian only consumes fish and no birds. They both consume mostly veggies and fruits.


Yes. They are both picky omnivores.
Pescatarians will not eat any animals except for fish.
Mafists eat animals as long as they are not mammals.