Do girls like their hair pulled during sex?

How many of you girls like having your hair pulled during sex and what other rough things do you like?


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I certainly don't i like to grab a mans hair though



Because it's fun! I don't see it as being dominated at all. I'm the furthest thing from a submissive person. Spanked, hair pulled, it's all in good fun. Something about it just feels really good at the time and I'm certain there is a neurological explanation though I'm ignorant of it. If you are uncomfortable with these things it doesn't make you a prude, but don't come to quick judgment about those who are.


I like it gently sometimes, if they do it constantly it can get kinda old. You don't wanna have a routine that you do everytime. But i don't like it when they do it too hard, to the point i think my hair is going to come out.

I like aggressiveness, but it kinda crossed the line when someone started choking me during sex and i couldn't breathe. Just make sure it's enjoyable.


My wife loves her hair being pulled. I have had other relationships, where some women have liked being choked slightly. Women can get into some pretty crazy stuff. Hope this helps.


Hair pulled, grabbed by the neck....not to be confused with strangling. Smacked on the butt or thigh, held against the wall.

Not all women are alike. Ask her and she might tell you what she likes.

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