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  • Behind the Scenes, Doctor Who "David, I've got cake" clip -- Where is it from?

    My first guess was Doctor Who Confidential, but I'm reasonably certain I've watched all of it, at least the ones that are included in the DVD extras of the seasons of Doctor Who, and I don't remember this part.

    Sorry. Extremely random and pointless question, but Google did not satisfy my curiosity and my curiosity is strong enough that I have resorted to this.

    If you haven't seen said clip, you can literally just Google or YouTube "David I've Got Cake" and it should be pretty much the first thing that pops up.

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  • Diablo 2 LoD old key code?

    So I have all my old Diablo 2 disks and I've been itching to play Diablo again, but the problem arose that my Diablo 2 LoD key code is unreadable. SO. I turn to you, my fellow PC-trouble-shooting compatriots, to give me a hand by letting me use an old key code for D2:LoD, even if you still use it, I just need it to install the game on my PC. E-mail me at . Thanks, guys/girls.

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  • terrible morning pain in my hands in the morning...?

    for the past 2 weeks i've been getting pain in my digits (mostly) when i wake up in the morning; but this morning it was terrible. it felt like my pinky was stuck in a bent position and i had to physically straighten it out with my other hand. The pain usually subsides after stretching my hands a bit, but I also can't complete extend/over extend all my fingers like i remember i could just a few months ago. I do have a problem cracking my knuckles, and have been trying to stop, but i've always heard that there aren't serious effects to knuckle cracking. 21 YO, M.

    any ideas/need more info?

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