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English teacher in Spain.

  • What do you call the balloon-like pants with elastic taper at the ankle?

    They are very similar to the Indian salwar (pants), but I've purchased them in Spain. It's possible they are a variation of salwar. The ones I have purchased in the past are usually made with a jersey/lycra or soft material with some stretch to them. Most are ruched just below the waist line to make the pants balloon out from the hips. Some people call them "harem pants," but they do not have the low hanging crotch. You can find them in locally run shops in Spain, or shops that import them from China. They are generally inexpensive and range from single color to loud patterns. I would love to find out what they are called so I can search for some, or it would also help if anyone knows where to find some online! Thanks ahead of time!

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  • My cat has saddle thrombus, they say it will probably happen again. Anyone dealt with this?

    My cat was breathing heavily and couldn't use his back legs which were cold, and we took him to our vet to find that he has "saddle thrombus," which is a blood clot that keeps blood from getting to his back legs. They are taking care of him now, and hope he can recover, but they say that it is very very likely that he will deal with this again, and the clot could go up instead of down and cause death. He's only 3, so he would have a long time wondering if that might happen. Has anyone dealt with this before? I would really like some help knowing what to do and what the future may hold. Thanks.

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  • My husky just got into a fight with a raccoon. Should I be worried about rabies or distemper?

    He has some shallow scratches on his face and leg. He also licked his wounds. I'm worried, but I'm not sure how serious it is. We live in an urban area where I haven't heard about any recent issues with rabies or distemper. Does anyone know about these issues in the Eugene, Oregon area? Please let me know as soon as possible.

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  • What do they say at the beginning of the song "We Share Our Mothers' Health" by the Knife (Ratatat remix)?

    The lyrics from the original song by the Knife are easy to understand, but in the remix by Ratatat no one seems to know what is being said at the beginning! Does anyone know??

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  • Advice on a travel outfit?

    I'm flying from Barcelona to NYC to Chicago, so I'll be travelling for awhile, and I want to be dressed comfortably. Usually I have an outfit planned out, but it's going to be quite cold when I get there, so I need to be layerd. Any suggestions?

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  • What can you do to ease the pain/discomfort of a bladder infection (cystitis) when no medication is available?

    Living in Spain the options and resources are different than what I am familiar with. Cranberry juice, for example, is not as common as in the U.S. As someone without medical insurance I can not see a doctor, although the pharmacy will help me find meds. Is there something to ease this sleepless night until I can get someone to help?

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  • I'm teaching English in Spain, what will I have to do to teach Spanish in the states once I return home?

    I have my B.A. in Spanish and hope to gain experience and a good resume while teaching English in Spain. I also have a CELTA certificate from International House. I'd love to teach in a private school in the U.S. if it means I won't have to go back for a 2nd degree right away.

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