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  • women: your concerns about social skills and dating?

    i'm writing a book about social skills and dating, as i've improved dramatically, from someone who was anti-social awkward and couldnt get along with people to someone who is excellent socially.

    but i'm a man, and most (like 90%) of my friends have been guys. and i have chapters in the book which seem tailored to guys more than women.

    and i want to have a female perspective, so i can add to the book. what concerns do women have (that men do not) about dating and socializing?

    3 AnswersGender Studies8 years ago
  • i'm a guy and i collect colognes - is this wierd?

    i own about 20 colognes. most of my fragrances cost me less than $60, but some of them are over $100. it's not a cheap hobby, but i'm careful with money and i never get myself into debt. but i typically buy one bottle a month. i keep them away from the sunlight so they will be able to last over 10 years.

    my 3 rules with cologne:

    1. i dont wear it to impress women. i wear it because i like it.

    2. i only spray a little. i don't want people to smell me across the room.

    3. cologne is NOT a replacement for a shower.

    it's not a necessity. it's a luxury, just like video games, movies, vacations, etc. i probably won't finish all my bottles in my lifetime, but whatever i'm not going to use, i just sell or give away to friends.

    i know some people say this is a strange hobby and some have called it a gay hobby.

    is it?

    does this hobby make me weird?

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  • Yugioh Monarch Deck - suggestions from experts please?

    1 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy

    1 Gorz, Emissary of Darkness

    3 Caius the Shadow Monarch

    3 Raiza the Storm Monarch

    1 Dark Dust Spirit

    3 Dimensional Alchemist

    3 Battle Fader

    1 Genex Ally Birdman

    3 Swap Frog

    2 Treeborn Frog

    1 Ronintoadin

    1 Allure of Darkness

    1 Dark Hole

    1 Heavy Storm

    1 Monster Reborn

    3 Mystical Space Typhoon

    3 Soul Exchange

    3 Enemy Controller

    2 Creature Swap

    no traps

    1 AnswerCard Games8 years ago
  • MTG: Mono-Black Vampire (2012 Standard) - suggestions?

    24 Swamp

    2 Liliana of the Veil (Planeswalker)

    4 Phyrexian Obliterator

    4 Vampire Nighthawk

    4 Vampire Nocturnus

    4 Ravenous Rats

    2 Geralf's Messenger

    2 Bloodline Keeper

    4 Despise

    4 Sign In Blood

    2 Go for the Throat

    2 Doom Blade

    2 Victim of Night

    2 Duress

    2 Lashwrithe

    1 AnswerCard Games8 years ago
  • Women: your opinion of feminism? (will award points to best answer)?

    I'm a man. And I've talked to feminists who have disagreed with my views and even called me sexist, while I was receptive, polite and trying to be understanding the whole time. Maybe my views are correct, but I do suspect the views of women as a whole (compared to women who devote a lot of time and thought into feminism) may have somewhat different views.

    I do recognize that women were second class citizens for most of history and even now movies/literatures too often portray women as mainly sex objects.

    There are many women I know who aren't really vocal on feminism, not that they oppose it.

    Many women (not most) in my opinion, in my view, actually have no problem with following gender roles (not that all women should be expected to).

    There are married couples I know that strictly follow gender roles and are happy together (not that they work for everybody).

    There are plenty of women that listen to the radio, watch movies, and television where women are heavily objectified, and they aren't really aware, or they're not really offended enough.

    Plenty of women don't see themselves as economically oppressed even though women are paid less on average.

    There are plenty of women who still expect men to be dominant. By dominant, I don't mean abusive, loud, bossy, manipulate or constantly jealous. I mean taking initiative, approach women, be the first to call, choose the first date and many expect men to initiate sex.

    I'm not trying to generalize both groups as a whole. Many men are superficial though, and that's why sex does sell. Women are too, though maybe not that much, objectify men too. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing a movie star with six pack abs? Hell, some women (not most) won't even talk to a guy if he doesn't look like Brad Pitt.

    To me, I think we all have our own lifestyle preferences, and we should live the way we want to without judging or stigmatizing other peoples' lifestyles. We should be free to question both a male-dominated society AND some of the more extreme remarks the more passionate feminists make.

    I'm not looking for an answer that agrees with my views necessarily, but one that gives me the most insight. I will award points to the person with the best answer.

    Women, what is your take on all of this?

    4 AnswersGender Studies8 years ago
  • rank wu-tang clan members?

    difficult decision. i love all of them, but even the "bad" members of wu tang were far better than most rap now.

    10. cappadonna (he doesn't count really but if he does, he's bad)

    9. u-god (i love his voice but his rhymes are too simple, and he didnt rap much)

    8. masta killer (good, but doesn't stand up to the others)

    7. ODB (my favorite of the group, but lyrically is not the best)

    6. gza

    5. rza

    4. method man

    3. inspector deck (had a few amazing lyrics, not as good flow though)

    2. raekwon (he had some corny lines but has a great flow)

    1. ghostface killah (really hard decision, i was stuck between him and chef but gfk was consistently great)

    3 AnswersRap and Hip-Hop9 years ago
  • a problem with yahoo answers?

    A lot of times, people on here ask questions and those people who ask questions are in the position to judge whose answer is the best and who ought to be rewarded "points".

    A problem I find is that a lot of people aren't honest or genuine in their answers, but just try to kiss up and make the person feel better as a way of supplicating for points.

    what is your opinion on this?

    (i'm judging based on the quality of your answer, not necessarily if you agree with me or not)

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers9 years ago
  • YGO - March 2012 List Suggestions: good or bad?

    Honest opinions?

    To 0:

    Trishula, Dandylion, Mind Control, Leviair

    To 1:

    Inzektor Hornet, Wind-Up Rat, Wind-Up Hunter, Wind-Up Zenmaighty

    To 2:

    Rescue Rabbit, Tour Guide

    4 AnswersCard Games9 years ago
  • ranking the saw movies?

    how would you rank the saw movies from your favorite to least favorite.

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  • how many of each clothing should a man own?

    my thoughts.


    1 Suit

    14 Dress Shirt, 14 Dress Pants, 12 Ties

    5 Belts, 5 Blazers, 6 Dress Shoes


    8 Sweater, 8 Polo, 15 Casual, 20 T-Shirt

    10 Jeans, 5 Shorts, 5 Cargo, 5 Khakis, 5 Sweatpants

    5 Light Jacket, 5 Coat, 6 Casual Shoes

    1 Sunglasses, 1 Gloves, 2 Watch, 3 Colognes

    how many each would you say?

    2 AnswersFashion & Accessories9 years ago
  • Anti-Meta Deck rate/fix?

    1 Gorz, Emissary of Darkness

    3 Cyber Dragon

    3 Thunder King Rai-Oh

    3 D.D. Warrior Lady

    3 Breaker the Magical Warrior

    3 Legendary Jujitsu Master

    1 Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind

    1 Honest

    3 Pot of Duality

    2 Mystical Space Typhoon

    2 Smashing Ground

    2 Shrink

    1 Monster Reborn

    1 Dark Hole

    1 Book of Moon

    3 Dimension Prison

    2 Solemn Warning

    2 Bottomless Trap Hole

    1 Torrential Tribute

    1 Mirror Force

    1 Royal Oppression

    4 AnswersCard Games10 years ago
  • would this make me look like a creep?

    sending friend requests to everyone on the facebook page of college i am going to?

    7 AnswersMakeup1 decade ago