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  • Practical advice for insomnia?


    I cant sleep!

    I'm running on 3 hrs a night.

    My body clock is so out of whack, but will not use drugs to achieve results. My main problem is falling asleep, once get to sleep , usually at 4 am, i could sleep for hours,,,,but cant because i am up and running by 7 am with the kids.

    Im just so tired, i aches all over, cant concentrate, Im irritable, and really really need advice from people who have beaten this naturally!

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  • Ideas on How to remove a stubborn spirit from My home?

    I wont go into details but i have a stubborn spirit who has taken up residence in my home....who knows he was probably here before i was but he has been increasingly making his presence known and is scaring the kids....Ive tried everything i know of and there are no mediums around to help me with this. To those of you who know~ what has worked for you?

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  • If The Christian God never condems anyone~?

    As stated in an answer to my previous question~ Who made the laws that state so called "sinners" will go to hell?

    It had to be the christian god.... yes?

    Therefore isint it him doing the condeming?

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  • Christian God will one day wipe his hands of some of his children?

    So my question is this.....WHAT REASON>>>>Would you need to wipe your hands of your child and condem them to an eternity of pain and misery?

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  • People who discount Magick and Witchcraft?

    What study have you done to be able to come to the conclusion that it is impossible and untrue?

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  • What reason?

    Would you need to wipe your hands of your child and condem them to an eternity of pain and misery?

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  • Why aren't we raising our children as Pagans?

    I refer you to this article......

    Can you tell me your thoughts on this?

    Thank you!

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  • Why is it?

    That some people who are well respected suddenly turn mental?

    They begin to try to dictate to people, as if on a ego power trip.

    What is it that makes this happen to people and how can you stop it happening when you see it?

    It saddens me that this happens to people. How do you nip it in the bud before the person spirals out of control?

    I have noticed that people like this tend to cut off all contact with people who do not worship them as mini gods...

    They have two is kind and just...the other is manipulative, rude and quite frankly crazy and obsessed with the people who refuse to follow......

    I guess im just wondering for future do you tell someone they are behaving like an egotistical maniac before it is too late?~ Asking here as it often happens in this section....

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  • Thanksgiving?

    Can you please tell me what thanksgiving is ~ why it started ~ some traditions and ~ who you thank?

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  • Is it a sin for JackB to pull the wool over everyones eyes?

    Point to note~ VEGEMITE is made from meat products! Hmmmm Jack~ Looks like you best just eat that sandwich!


    This question bought to you by a fellow Aussie who likes to promote good honest fun!

    7 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • A Christian Opinion Please!?

    I have another Question regarding the bible.I am a Pagan but mean you no disrespect.

    I am simply wanting a Christian view on this.

    OK~ Armegeddon.....God will put an end to the existance of anyone who has not accepted him and his supposed word ..the bible...right?

    God is in many ways our Parent right?

    So I am a parent and i can not ever accept that a perfect parent, such as the creator of this world, would ever get fed up with their child and turn their backs on them.

    My children may grow to lead lives that i disaprove of and do things i abhor....but i know that i will never give up on them.

    They might reject me and go to live with their bioligical father who is a deadbeat dad in every sense of the word and begin to live their lives according to his standards( which are appalling)~ but still i would never reject them as completely as the bible states God will do.

    But in Revelations it states there will come a day when the God from the bible will do just that...

    Your thoughts on this?

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  • A Christian opinion please!?

    I am wanting to know the Christian opinion on my view of a few different parts of the bible. Which i will ask about in seperate questions.

    I will be honest i am a Pagan, but i mean you no disrespect.

    Ok~ In the bible there is a quote~ Thou shalt have no other Gods before me~ Is the bible not confirming the existance of other Gods?

    Thanking you in advance for your informative and respectful answers.

    Bright Blessings


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  • Pagans Advice required!?

    Ok ~ I usually have my permanant Altar in my bedroom.

    I shifted it to the lounge because hubby goes to sleep early and i like to do my rituals at night when the kids are in bed. I was missing out on a lot of ritual work because of this. Now something does not seem right~ its hard to explain, like a feeling of not holding the power within my circle or not making a connection? Also my Quarter candles keep going out, yet there is no breeze.

    I do have an Altar outside but sometimes its not possible to work there. And i do like to keep a permanant altar set up.

    There are no other places in the house i can use.

    So the question is do i shift it back to my room? Or Is there another solution?

    Any advice apreciated!

    Blessed Be!



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  • Opinions from fellow Pagans?

    Would you get a cresent moon tattooed on your forehead like in the mists of Avalon? I want to but hubby thinks i'm mad! What say you?BB ~ Ariel

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  • Why Gnostic Why?

    Why did you lie to us all?

    No Cancer~ Not female~ WHY?

    How could you play on people like that?

    Did you not stop to think of the people your game was effecting who really were fighting battles with cancer? Or loosing someone Near and Dear?

    I am so very dissapointed in you.

    20 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • Myths Ledgends etc about storms/ storm gods?

    Over here in Aus~ My small town was battered with hail the size of golf balls on Tuesday, Damaging winds last night( turned our town to match sticks! (we are all ok)....some myths etc to tell my kids please as we mop up our town this morning and brace for the super cell expected to hit this afternoon?

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  • WHY? Do people do this?

    Why do some people insist on coming to a question , not to answer it but leave their opinions on your faith?

    Or to say something that in no way answers the question?

    Like Doh, Really? Or Hmm? Or worse thanks for the points?

    Why do they insist on using this site as their personal soapbox for peddling their faith?

    That is not the way this forum works! It is a violation of the question and answer format on this site!

    NOT TO MENTION ~ Outright rude and uncalled for!

    PLEASE NOTE! : As much as i hate the report button,.............. I have HAD ENOUGH!~ In future all answers or comments left under my questions or those i read which to not adhere to the rules of this site will be reported!

    Tolerance? Been there done that it has not worked!

    I just wanted to let you know that this will be my future course of action, so if you cant answer or give a valid opinion or say something nice .....DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!

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  • Hereditary Witches~ views please?

    I have noticed a bit of hostility lately between hereditary witches and other Pagans such as Wiccans.

    Can you explain to me why i am getting the idea from some of the things i am reading that our path is not worthy or valid? Or as 'good' as your own path?~ Do you feel that Magick is something you must be born to?

    Please understand i am not trying to antagonize you~ just trying to understand!

    Be Blessed!


    25 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago