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Hii im emma and im 15. Im doing my gcse's this year and next year! Im an ice skater and a ballroom and latin dancer (yes i do alot!) i have loadsa great friends that i know will always be there for me! <3 Taken <3<3 im into indi/rock music! lol but yeah add me im up for meetin new people peace out xx

  • How do i get msn messenger on my blackberry curve?

    I got a blackberry in october and i have been trying to get msn on to it since and i can never work out how to!

    its not already on my phone so if anyone knows how to get it on there it would be much appreciated! Thanks xxx<3

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  • Need help with spins and twizzles!?

    Im a Ice Dancer and i take part in national competitions ( in the UK) and some of the girls i skate against are really good at spinning and doing twizzles...i am good at both just want to know how i can inprove on them.....If anyone can help me to do these:

    -a good sit spin

    -a good beilman spin

    - and the twizzle were you grab the tail of your blade and hold it there while doing the twizzle

    if anyone can give me any advice or pointers it would be much apperciated


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  • Need help with a spin and a twizzle?

    Im currently and ice dancer but competing at national competitions (in the UK) and like most of the girls i skate againt can doo alsorts of like really good spins and stuff.

    i was just wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to do:

    - a good sit spin

    -a good beilman spin

    - and the twizzles that you grab the tail of you blade and hold it while your doing the tiwzzle

    if anyone has any like pointers they would be much appericated! :D


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  • Need scary ideas for Halloween party (teenagers aged 12-16) on Halloween night?

    The party is on Halloween night, we're stuck for ideas ... HELP

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  • Swimming with false nails\??

    I had to get false nails for a skating competition but my bf wants to got swimming with me on friday!

    can i go without them falling off??

    Btw i had them put on fri!

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  • Whats the best phone to get?

    Hey guys im just wondering if anyone has got or kinows of a phone with all of these qualitys?

    good quality camara

    music player


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  • Bobba on habbo hotel?

    what is a bobba? im well confussed!

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  • In love with my best mate........ HELPP?

    basically my best mate is also my dance partner and we have known each other since year 7 (1st year seconda yr school) but the thing is im starting to love him and i dunno what to do! he keeps like always hugging me and like calling me babes and stuff like that but he never used to its on ly just started! i havent told anyone about it but i really want to be wrong about me loving him but im not sure!

    if anyone can help and has been through it it would be a great help thanks!


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  • How do i get rid of the new 2.0 layout?

    myspace layout 2.0 is getting on my nerves as i was very tired when i was askd if i wanted it and i accepted now i dont want it on there anymore! i have tired everything i know of! i have tried applying a new layout but nothing works any help would be much apperciated!

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  • Helpppp boyfriends friends are always there!!!!?

    i have been going out with this guy for about a week, hes in almost all my classes but his friends are always there! i never get a chance to be alone with him! but nobody knows about us!

    i really like this guy but i dont want to lose him because of his friends! what do i tell them??

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  • How do i get a ***** to shup?

    Threes this girl at school saying i have split her and her friend up. She keeps going on and on bout it and im pissed off at her! how do i get her to stop??


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  • how do i lose weight in less than 3 months?

    im an ice-skater and i have been told by the national ice skating association that i have to lose the puppy fat i have!

    im finding it hard because i have national comps in 3 months and i want to prove to them that i can do it.

    any help will be much appreciated!


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  • me with them please.?

    Im getting braces put in next wednesday and im really scared about them!

    all sorts of things are going through my head

    please help me.


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  • Im in love with my best friends boyfriend! what do i he has said to me he loves me back! :s?

    basically my best mates boyfriend has said to me he loves me and m starting to love him back but i don't want to hurt my friends feelings.

    who do i choose my best mate or her boyfriend??


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