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  • Trouble remembering what I've read?

    I have been having trouble remembering books that I have read fairly recently. Not just small details like character names, but in some cases the entire plot or how the book ended, or what happened to certain characters is just completely gone from my memory. I can look through the titles of books I have read this year, and I could tell you whether I loved one or hated it, or I can recall very specific passages, but the main stuff, the big stuff, is sometimes very difficult or impossible to recall without rereading. I'm not sure if it's because of the large number of books I read, or if there is something wrong with my memory (I never used to have a problem remembering books I had read), but I was wondering if anyone else has struggled with this? Is there something I can do to remember more easily?

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  • Should I watch Logan's Run?

    I recently finished reading Logan's Run and loved it! I was looking up some things about the movie, and it seems like they changed A LOT of stuff. For those of you who have both read it and watched the movie, do you think the movie is worth watching? I'm worried that too much might have been lost and that it will just make me mad. Should I watch the movie, or would it just be frustrating and a waste of time after the book?

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  • Question about Borderlands 2?

    Maybe spoiler-y, depending how far into the game you are.

    Well, my boyfriend and I were playing through Borderlands 2, and we hadn't picked up all of the side quests in Sanctuary before installing Wilhelm's powercore and making the city fly off. We didn't realize that was what going to happen, so we didn't think we had to get all the side quests right away.

    I was wondering if we can still do the side quests without having to play back through the game from the beginning? Does Sanctuary come back (or do we somehow end up there) so we can retrieve the missing quests, or are we out of luck?

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  • What could have happened to the eggs?

    There are some birds who have a nest on the playground at the childcare center where I work. They've used it for the past few years. Last week, there were 3 eggs in it, and this week they're gone. The nest isn't in a spot where the kids could have reached it, or where a stray cat could have gotten it, and there is no sign of them having fallen out of the nest. Any theories on what might have happened? I'm very sad that we won't have any baby birds to see this year.

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  • Cooking 2 chickens at once?

    I have 2 chickens in the oven, one is 4 lbs and one is a bit over 3.5. I have heard that I should add 20 min to the cook time if I am doing 2 at once, but I am cooking them in separate dishes and I was wondering if that rule still applies?

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  • The stranger in Once Upon A Time?

    I accidentally posted this in Comedy before, so trying again:

    In the show Once Upon A Time, do you think the stranger who came to Storybrooke is a descendent of one of the Grimm brothers, or do you think he's actually a character in one of the stories? I can't wait to find out more about him.

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  • Elder Scrolls novels?

    I was looking for some books to buy the other day, and I came across some Elder Scrolls novels. I'm partway through Oblivion, and the book covers say they take place after the events in the game. I was planning on finishing the game before reading them; but since the game is taking me for f*cking ever to get through, and I'm a much bigger reader than a gamer, I was wondering if it will completely spoil the game plot if I read the books before I finish, or if it gives anything away, or if there are things that won't make sense, etc...before I cave and just read the books. short, how necessary is it for me to finish Oblivion before I read the novels? (and also, are they any good??)

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  • On the show Once Upon A Time...? you get the impression that Mr. Gold has something of an inkling that something is amiss in the town? I know that Regina is the only one who really knows the truth for certain, but I feel like sometimes Mr. Gold makes comments that make it seem like he knows or suspects something. Has anyone else gotten this impression, or do you think that's just the way he interacts with people?

    7 AnswersDrama9 years ago
  • What can I sub for shortening in a cookie recipe?

    I have a recipe for snickerdoodles that uses both butter and shortening, but I don't have any shortening. Can I use coconut oil or more butter as a substitute for the shortening, or is there something else I can use instead??

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  • Were there any VW Beetles made or distributed in the US in the 1980s?

    I am reading a book that mentions someone coming across a 1980s Bug, but I had thought production ended in the late 70s except in South America and Mexico. Am I incorrect or is it a mistake in the book I'm reading?

    3 AnswersVolkswagen9 years ago
  • In Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children...? is the word "ymbryne" supposed to be pronounced? I haven't been able to really find anything online.

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  • So, in Beauty and the Beast (the Disney version)...?

    ....the rose is supposed to last until the Prince's 21st birthday, right? And it's already wilting and dying during the movie. And when Lumiere is singing "Be Our Guest," he sings the line "for 10 years we've been rusting..." So does that mean that the Prince was only 11 when he was cursed by the enchantress? That's an extremely harsh punishment for a child, no?? Or am I missing something here??

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  • What interesting things can I do with a hot dog?

    I am on the Paleo diet, and I was able to find minimally processed, nitrate free, organic hot dogs, which made me super excited because I haven't had a hot dog in ages.

    However, on this diet, I can't have grains, dairy, or legumes, or sugar. So I can put the dogs on buns, can't put chili on them, can't put cheese on them, nor can I have ketchup on them because it's so full of sugar.

    So. Does anyone know of anything I can do with a hot dog, other than just eating it plain, that doesn't require grains, dairy, or legumes??

    8 AnswersCooking & Recipes9 years ago
  • "La, la, la (whatever), la, la la, (it doesn't matter)..."?

    ", la, la (oh well!), la, la, la, we're goin at it tonight, tonight, there's a party on the rooftop, top of the world..." etc.

    Who sings this??

    4 AnswersLyrics9 years ago
  • How does Google track my searches?

    I just noticed that when I start typing a search into Google on my computer, it sometimes pops up searches I have done from my phone. How does it track my phone searches and attach them to my computer? My phone is under my name and not registered to this address, and the internet is in my boyfriend's name, so it's not like it knows I'm using this computer. Can it somehow tell that the phone is in the same house where I'm using the computer? Does anyone have any idea how this happens? It kind of creeps me out.

    3 AnswersGoogle9 years ago
  • Any Book Recommendations?

    I am looking for some recommendations of what I should read next. I like having a few books lined up and ready to go :-P. I have read: everything by Christopher Moore; most by Neil Gaiman; everything by Tanya Huff; most by Marion Zimmer Bradley; everything by Douglas Adams; Harry Potter; the Twilight Saga; The Hunger Games; The Kingkiller Chronicles; some by Tim Sandlin. The Help; everything by Chuck Palahnuik. I also already have The Maze Runner on my list to read next. (I just see a lot of these listed a lot when people ask this, so I'm just saying in advance :-P). So any recommendations other than those listed would be amazing.

    Also, if anyone has good suggestions for zombie books (I've read World War Z already) that would be wonderful as well.

    Thanks for muddling through my list, and also in advance for responding!

    7 AnswersBooks & Authors9 years ago
  • 1959 Ford Edsel Ranger taillights?

    So I know this is a long shot, since it's such and oldie, but...

    I'm having a problem with the taillights on a '59 Edsel Ranger. When the car is off, key out of the ignition and everything, the taillights still stay on. Nothing works to shut them off (although messing with the blinker changes which lights are on...but they still stay on). I've been having to disconnect the battery when I'm not driving just so it doesn't run down. Does anyone know why this might be happening, and what I might be able to do to fix it?

    1 AnswerFord9 years ago
  • What color dress should I look for?

    I'm going to a wedding in about a month. I would like to, not exactly coordinate with my boyfriend, but at least compliment what he's wearing. He has a black 3 piece suit with pinstripes, a dark red/burgundy shirt, and black tie. For any other occasion I would probably get a black dress, but I think you're not supposed to wear black to a wedding. I don't want my dress to be the same color as his shirt, but I'd like us to look nice together...any color suggestions??

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  • Poll/Survey for Women: what do you crave when you're PMSing/on your period?

    I'm just curious what kind of things other woman want during that time.

    I always always have to have beef jerky and vanilla frozen yogurt (no other flavor quite does it for me).

    11 AnswersPolls & Surveys9 years ago
  • Gluten intolerance or IBS?

    I have always thought that I have IBS, but have never spoken to a doctor about it. Recently, I went on a Paleo diet to lose weight, and I noticed that while my digestive tract isn't perfect now or anything, it certainly seems to have improved. When I "cheated" on the diet with items containing wheat flour (two separate times), my stomach was extremely upset the following day.

    Does this mean that my body is just unused to digesting grains anymore because I haven't been eating them, or could it mean that what I thought was IBS all these years is actually an intolerance or an allergy to gluten??

    4 AnswersOther - Diseases9 years ago