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I like piercings, shooting guns and bartending I have had plenty of piercings (started into body mods at 14) and did a piercing apprenticeship. I try to educate people on piercings as best I can and how I learned and what I have always used while healing my piercings. So this is where my knowledge comes from. The piercings I have at the moment are septum, monroe, labret, industrial, helix, lobes stretched to an inch, second hole, tragus. I have had my eyebrow, navel and a dermal anchor. I also have 10 tattoos at the moment. If you have any questions about any don't be afraid to ask. *A note to anyone that does not like body modifications. I do not care if you do not like them or have something against them. I am here to try and lead people in the right direction when they decide to get them. It is not your body let them do what they want.

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