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  • What to expect with a deaf kitten?

    Despite all the cats I've had, I've never had a deaf one, so I'm a little unsure of what to expect.

    We just got her a few days ago, and the family who found her didn't realize she's deaf. She an odd-eyed white kitten. After doing all of our little tests (calling, whistling, snapping, clapping, even the boys yelling), her ears never twitched so we figure she can't hear anything. She's very affectionate, lovable, and isn't skittish at all.

    Does anyone have any experience with this and have any insight to provide, please?

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  • Can a teacher refuse to refer to a child by the name they're familiar with?

    My son is in Kindergarten and the teacher said that she's "not allowed" to refer to a child by anything other than their full first name. "Bobby" is to be called "Robert", "Suzie" is to be called "Suzanne", "BJ" will be referred to by his first name, etc.

    Both of my boys go by their middle names, and so far there have been no issues with my oldest. But, for my youngest, it looks like there will be. We never refer to him by his first name, and even his doctor uses his middle.

    Is there any sort of law or regulation that prohibits a teacher from basically taking away a child's identity by refusing to use the name they associate with himself?

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