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  • I am 35 yrs old and want to get back into dancing?

    When I was much younger, I danced jazz, tap and ballet; then in college fell in love with modern (or do they call it contemporary now?). How do I get back into it? The thing I have noticed is that it is close to impossible to find a studio with anyone older than 18 years old.

    How do I find one (in Ft Lauderdale area) that I will feel comfortable at? Preferably jazz or modern.

    Also, dance is like riding a bike - I know that I will pick things up really quickly and regain my technique, but am physically WAY out of shape. So would I be able to keep up in an intermediate level (for sure I would not be able to physically take on the rigours of advanced class).

    Any advice (even from those younger than 18) would be appreciated. Thanks

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  • Ecologically, is it better to throw away a roller full of paint, or ...?

    Ecologically, is it better to throw away a roller full of paint, or waste water washing it and putting the paint down the drain. I am using VOC-free paint, of course, but don't know if that makes a difference during clean-up. Thanks

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  • Is there a handheld low-flow shower head?

    You know the type I am talking about - they have the shower head and it attaches to a short hose that then attaches to the wall? I am having trouble finding one - maybe because I don't know what to call it in the search engine! Ha.

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  • How do you put the color red in a bedroom without it looking like blood?

    I am looking to spice up my master bedroom with red, but don't know how much of it should be red and what other colors should I use to offset it?

    We have a beige carpet and white baseboards and closet trim and doors. Our bed is iron, our furniture is all fairly dark wood. I like the asian theme idea, but am not stuck to it.

    Thanks for your help

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  • Would a psychologist help me with...?

    prioritizing my life and getting motivated the changes I need to make? I am a mother of two (3 and 5), have a slightly depressed hubby who is no help around the house, work part time and am in school for a career change. I am feeling so overwhelmed and have no outlets.

    Could a psychologist help or would a life coach be more helpful? Thanks

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  • I called 911 and want to find out if neighbor is ok?

    Today I heard a woman screaming repeatedly from a house across the way from me. It was the kind of scream that sends a chill down your spine. So I called 911. I heard the police and a woman crying. Is there any way I can find out if everything was alright. I feel somehow involved and just want to know that I did the right thing. How can I find out?

    I don't know them and don't want to get involved physically (as in the guy is mad because someone called).

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  • How hard is it to use a sod cutter?

    I would like to remove a large amount of my grass and weeds for a new garden. But it is all going to be DIY. How difficult is it to use one of the rental sod cutters? I am strong, but don't want to kill myself - and yes, I am a woman. Is it like using a mower? Any help or advice will be appreciated as I would like to know what I am getting myself into before I committ. Thanks

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  • Vegetarian Diet For Kids?

    I have two children, 3 and 5, and would like to switch to a vegetarian diet with a little bit of milk, cheese and egg (at least until they get used to the substitutes). When my husband goes fishing, we eat the fish as well, as my reason for not wanting to eat meat is for humane reasons primarily.

    We don't eat that much meat now, but I want to go all the way. My husband is all for us eating a vegetarian diet, but worries that the kids won't get the nutrients they need to grow or will be eating soy products 5 times a day. He worries that if we just cut out the meat, the kids will not be getting enough iron, Omega-3s, B-12s, or even fats. I have been looking online for the best substitutes for these things, but there are so many sites - I am going cross-eyed.

    Does anyone know about this or which is the best site to look at? I need substitutes for each nutrient that kids will eat - I can put spinach in quiche or enchiladas, but they wouldn't eat it steamed. Thanks

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  • Massage for very overweight or obese people?

    I am a massage therapist who is trying to build my practice. I would like to offer massage to men and women who are very overweight as I strongly believe in the power of touch and that everyone benefits from it. My belief (coming in part from a family member who is severly overweight) is that most people who are overweight are intimidated by spas or fear judgement by massage therapists. I would like to offer massage without judgement, specialized for the overweight person.

    My question is this: would people be interested in this? And if so, do you have any ideas on how to market the service? Any positive thoughts would be appreciated, but please keep your nasty thoughts to yourself - I and anyone who has struggled with this issue don't want to hear it.

    Thank you

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  • In zone 10, am I too late to start?

    In south florida, am I too late to start veggies/fruit from seed? Any advice is welcomed. I had hoped to start everything from seed this year (we finally have a yard!), but you know how time just slips by. I know I would have better luck just buying the plants, but I would like to still try to do as much from seed as possible. What should I absolutely start with a plant and what could I get away with seed? Thank you

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  • Do you test before driving?

    Last week on the news, a diabetic (type 1) woman was driving eratically because of a very low BG. I have heard that every type 1 (or insulin dependent type 2) should check their BG everytime they get in a car to drive.

    How many of you actually do that? Have you ever had a low while driving? What did you do?

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  • Leather jacket/leather shoes?

    I have recently had my eyes opened to the cruelty we impose on animals and no longer want to be a part of it. I have cut out all animal products in my diet, the one exception are eggs from a friend's chickens I know are treated well.

    But what about wearing leather? I would now never go out and buy any, but I do have one leather jacket and one pair of leather shoes. What do I do with them? I really like them. Sorry. And from an environmental standpoint, going out and buying another jacket is taxing to the earth. And I really like them. (DId I already say that?lol)

    Is that being hypocritical? Please no mean comments, we are not here to degrade each other. Thanks

    13 AnswersVegetarian & Vegan1 decade ago
  • To buy or not to buy - tankless water heater?

    I live in FL and need advice on tankless water heaters. We only have electric but I have heard you can back it up with propane? I have also heard lots of negatives regarding the tankless, but would like to go that way versus the tank for environmental and space-saving reasons.

    Any advice/experiences with them? What is the best brand? How do you determine how big you need? We are a family of two adults and two little kids in a single family home. Thanks

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  • How to be more self-sufficient in the suburbs?

    Right now we live in suburbia. In our first home, we relocated because of my hubby's job(which he loves and saw as his only choice two years ago). We can't leave the area now because of his profession and the fact that the housing market sucks and we would loose too much money if we sold. When we bought we thought it would be best for us, but we are both feeling that we are turning into people we don't want to be. We have become consumers! Agh. It happened while we weren't looking, really. We are so far from the ideals that we once had and are surrounded by others we can't connect to. Finally it hit us, like a ton of bricks that it wasn't working.

    It is our goal to be as self-sufficient as possible someday. We still would like to have the internet (ha) but want to grow food, live off the grid, etc.

    Finally to my question, which is this: while we are here, how do we make the best of our situation? How can we get back to those ideals while living in suburbia?

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  • How do you determine environmental priorities?

    I am a minimalist who grows some of my own food, recycles like crazy, reuses everything I can, etc. But I am having problems finding the best answer to environmental priorities, such as if I want to buy in bulk to avoid extra packaging, I have to drive across town and use tons of gas or have things sent via mail with the shipping packages and transport.

    Do I spend more money (and have to work more days which uses more gas - I can't get there on public transit and more of my time away from taking care of my veggies, etc) or buy locally things from companies with questionable practices - Target and the like)?

    How do you choose between saving water or energy (example dishwasher versus handwashing)?

    In addition to just the environmental impact, what about enjoying life, not with stuff, but having the time to do what I feel is important for myself and my family?

    There are a million other cases, but I can't include them all.

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  • Which is the best organic mattress cover?

    I just bought my kids brand new, organic cotton/latex/wool mattresses, but have a big problem.

    My son has diabetes and when his blood-sugar is high, he wets the bed. But he WETS the bed. Meaning - a big puddle. Are the natural wool or cotton mattress pads going to work for him?

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  • How can I design the best landscape for south florida backyard?

    I have about 1/4 acre of yard at my south florida home. We have chain-link fences all around, with the back of our property on a canal. I would love to have a place for the kids to play, a vegetable garden and a butterfly garden. And I would like to limit the amount of grass - but there is sooo much to do. Where should I start? I don't have the money to hire someone and want to do it in stages, but work out the overall plan before I start anything.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to start? Should I just start working on 5'x5' sections? I am at a loss and the season is already well on it's way. Thanks

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • Natural rug that is child-friendly too?

    I am trying to be as 'green' as possible while decorating my house. In addition, I love the look of textured, natural stuff. I looked at the sisal and bamboo rugs, but with small children on the floor all the time - they just are too rough. Is there anything else out there?

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