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  • Could it be a PSU issue?

    I'm pretty sure it's the PSU but just though I'd get some opinions. Have a cheap diabloteck 600w Been using the same PSU with my GTS250. I recently build a new system and now have a GTX 560 ti. Runs great but a little hot. Anyway I am getting shutdowns while gaming. Sometimes after 10 minutes or after a couple. Checked the GPU temps and are around 78 when it's shut down and also when it was at 48 so I don't think its overheating. I put in my old 250 and don't have any problems so logic tells me must be the PSU. Any thoughts?

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  • Is my video card messing up?

    I had a 7600gt that had overheated and was artifacting on me and all. Since then I replaced the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and power supply. I have and GTS 250 now. Been working great for the last three months. Now my computer freezes whenever I play video such as from or from my hd and have to reboot. Games play fine but sometime when I try to exit out system hangs and have to reboot. I thought it could be spyware or virus related, but nothing came up. I'm sure the last card overheated because fan was bad. Was making weird noised and stopped periodically. Can my new video card be crapping out on me already or should I reload windows again?

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  • 95 Saturn stuck in third gear?

    I was driving my stick shift 95 saturn when all of a sudden the shifter became loose and I am stuck on third gear. I move the shifter around in circles and can't feel any of the gears. I can't go in reverse or switch the gears. I heard it might be the "fly wheel"? I have no idea as I have no automotive skills of any kind other than putting gas. Does anyone know about how much something like this would cost to fix?

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  • Is my graphics card messing up?

    I have a 7600gt that I've been happy with for the last couple years. Until recently all the games I run give me messed up graphics. Get strange polygon tears and strange textures. I can still play the games but sometimes it makes it hard to see down a hallway or area because a huge blank triangle is blocking the way. Also I get a loud humming sound that progressivly get louder and then stops. This come out through either using speakers or headphones. Almost sounds like hair clippers if you can understand me. I am buying a new system in the next few weeks, but I wanted to hand this down to my kids for the games. I have all the current drivers and never had this problem before. Even reinstalled windows. Any advice? Oh and all the fans including the GFX card are all working fine.

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  • LCD monitor not turning on?

    I am using a 22" widescreen Acer flatscreen monitor. It's been great as I use it for PC games and all my apps. Well I was working in photoshop when all of a sudden the screen turned off. I didn't hear anything or observe any smoke. Everything else on my desk was fine (lamp, PC, ink jet printer). No power surge or blackout. I hooked up my PC to another monitor and it was right where I left it. Lamp light did not flicker or turn off. Printer didn't budge. The monitor simply just turned off like it was suddenly unplugged. The little LED light that indicates its plugged in doesn't even come on. I tried different sockets on the surge protector and also another power cable. Nothing. Did my monitor fry? Are these expensive to fix?

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  • Can anyone tell me if a 95 Saturn SL1 uses R-12 or R-134a?

    My A/C is giving out on me and I want to buy a recharge kit. I'm not sure though that this 95 Saturn SL1 has the R-134A or old R-12 freon. I just don't want to assume and damage the compressor. Any help?

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  • Did I sprain my knee?

    I quickly jogged across a street from one corner to the other. During that few seconds a small popping sensation came from my right knee. It felt uncomfortable for a few minutes, but I was able to carry on the rest of the night. I even playing a show with my band after all this. Towards the end of the night on my way home i'd say about six hours later my leg started to feel stiff and it gradually got stiffer. I woke up in the mourning in pain. Now I can't walk, bend my knee, definatly not drive or move suddenly without feeling like someones jabbing a fork in my knee! It's pretty swollen especially above the knee cap. Could this be a simple sprain or something more complicated?

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