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  • Need to create a bad electrical connection on purpose...?

    For a demonstration, I need to create a bad electrical connection on a DIN rail terminal, wich would then heat up under load. Any ideas on how to do this reliably, preferably without having to draw a silly amount of current through the terminal?

    2 AnswersEngineering7 years ago
  • Could SBS2003 be limiting our download speed ?

    Lately my colleagues were complaining about our internet being slow, so I thought I'd shut them up with the results of an internet speed test, but, to my surprise, I found we could indeed only download at 4.8Mbit/s, while our (cable) internet connection should be capable of 20Mbit/s.

    This is our setup:

    Cable modem <--> Firewall <--> Switch <--> Server and PCs. All network hardware and connections are rated at 100Mbit/s (the connections have been certified).

    So my question is could SBS2003 (as it's our gateway) be limiting our datarate or is our internet connection not working as it should?

    3 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago