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  • My uncle is mad at me for my son telling his daughter that boys have a penis? Anyone else find this silly?

    Okay so we went on vacation to visit family over 4th of July and my cousin came to my mothers and stayed for a while. My son is 3 and my cousin is also 3 but she is 8 months younger than he is. Well I guess they have not told her the terminology for body parts because she calls her vagina a kitty. She walked in on my son using the bathroom and she asked him what he has and he told her I have a penis because I am a boy and girls have vaginas. My uncle had an absolute fit over this. He said I am a bad mother because I taught my son that. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought it was part of parenting to teach your children that. Do you agree with me that this is a silly reason for him to be mad at me and call me a bad mother? Why or why not?

    It is my personal belief that one should not keep reality from their children. But does that really make me a bad mother?

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  • Can someone help me and my husband understand these new army re-enlistment regs?

    We are having a hard time understanding this. Does it mean that because his ets date ends in 2014 that he will be kicked out of the army then? Really confused on this and he wanted to make a career out of the army so I really hope that isn't what it means.

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  • What does one wear to a wine tour/tasting?

    I and a friend are going to a wine tasting at the Williamsburg Winery on the 15th this month. I have never been to a wine tasting before. It is going to be 2 hours long and there is a tour and a short film before the actual tasting. I am usually the casual type that likes to wear jeans/jean shorts and shirts. I know however that this may not be the kind of place to dress so casual. I am also not the type to wear dress clothing as i hate dressing up because there are not an dress shoes out there that fit my wide feet. So I was thinking, would it be inappropraite to wear maybe a dressy tank top with brown capri gauchos and a nice pair of flip-flops? It's kind of like business casual. I need some opinions please.

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  • I really dislike my mother in law and hate going to her house, What do i say when she wants us to come ?

    So my mother is going to be staying with us for a month and then we are going to take her back home. We plan on staying with her for 2 weeks. My husbands mom lives across town like a five minute drive. The problem is every time we go back to visit, her house is really nasty and she has like 7 cats and 3 litter boxes in her dining room that she cleans like once a month. the smell in her house is so horrible it makes me sick. i dont particulary like her either because she always says very stupid and mean things like suggesting to my husband that our son isnt his or saying i forced him to join the military. Not only that but she admitted to doing something to our son and i told my husband but he doesnt believe me because he knows i will go out of my way to ignore his mom. She also smacks my son if he doesnt finish all of the food off his plate or if he gets into something she doesnt want him into. Call me crazy but I don't force feed my son. Nor do I think smacking him across his head will do any good. The last time we were there and she smacked him my husband had to stand between us because i was about to whoop her @$$. My husband loves his mom but knows she is better off not being close to us or our son, but I don't want to be rude back and tell her the truth about her house and her retardedness. What other excuse can i give except that our son is allergic to cats? ( and he actually is btw but she is so stupid she doesnt think you can be allergic to cats)

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  • how long will milk last after the expiration date?

    I just noticed our milk expires Sunday and we haven't even finished our other gallon yet. How much longer can it last after Sunday?

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  • When I use turbo tax, how do I file taxes on bonuses?

    Just wondering because my husband got two bonuses in 09 and there was a lot of taxes taken out of them. He is military and someone told us it would already be on his w2's but what if it isn't?

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  • What kind of make up should I get her?

    So, my best friends little girl asked me for makeup for her 5th birthday. I remember playing with makeup when I was that age but it always came with those barbie styling heads. So she said she wants nail polish and lipstick and eyeshadow, I don't have a girl myself nor do I wear a lot of makeup so can anyone suggest anything? Her mom asked that I get natural colors if I do get makeup for her. Links would help to.

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  • How can I download movies on my iPod touch if I don't have a computer?

    How do I buy and download movies on my ipod touch if I don't have a computer? Oh just for the people who want to ask how I am asking now, from the iPod

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  • How is windows 7? What are good and bad about it?

    We are planning on getting an hp touchsmart and it has windows 7. I've used the old windows, xp, and vista before. How much better or worse is windows 7 from vista ? What are some pros and cons of it ?

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  • Can I glaze my ham today to avoid having to do more prep tomorrow night?

    i have a precooked ham and i am going to glaze it with orange glaze. i have a lot to do tomorrow and don't want to be up all night prepping things i can do earlier. would it be okay if i glaze it today and cover it with foil and put it in the fridge until friday morning?

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  • Feel like I am being taken advantage of by my friend. Am I?

    My friend whom lives next door has me watch her kids a lot and a don't mind because i love them like i love mine but when it's time for her to return the favor she always comes up with an excuse. And one day she asked me for money to go and get diapers and i told her i would have to see what i have. well while we were out and i was checking my bank account i came home and they were gone. The next morning I was talking with her and she was showing me all the stuff she bought to decorate for christmas and bragged about how they got their daughter a bike for christmas. then she asked me if i found out if i had enough to help her get diapers. i said no and i felt bad about it but i mean come on she just spent 75 bucks on a bike and over 150 bucks on decorations and she couldn't get her son any diapers? !!! So then 2 days ago we were talking about how many gifts we got our kids and i told her our son has 23. She made a comment about we are lucky because her kids only have 4 presents each and thats all they can afford. Next day, her husband goes out and buys some stuff to add to his bronco. spent 200 bucks from what he said. And then goes to whine about his kids are not going to have a nice christmas. what?? you can spend 200 bucks to trick out a crappy bronco but not presents for your kids? not to mention he goes to mcdonalds and burger king for lunch everyday and spends like 10 bucks a day except weekends. i know it's none of my business what they spend their money on but i just think they are trying to take advantage of us. sometimes i just want to tell them to stop being so irresponsible with their money and i want to tell her husband he needs to put his kids before his stupid bronco. they are 28 and 30 and my husband and i are 21 and 22 and we know how to budget and handle our money. we also put our sons happiness before ours most of the time. we sold our wii so that we could afford most of his presents and thats what i think parents should do is put their kids before themselves. What should I do next time i feel they are taking advantage of me? should i speak up or simply ignore them for a bit?

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  • Ebay- Seller won't answer my message and item not received yet.?

    so it says it takes 6-12 days to get here. (hong kong- fort eustis,va) tomorrow will be ten days. if it's not here by monday should i file an unreceived item claim?

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  • Do you pay file city taxes if you live on a military base?

    was wondering b/c we live on fort eustis and i've never had to file city taxes before where we used to live b/c military did not have to, so do i file city taxes even though i live on post?

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  • How do I dim the lights on my 2003 chevy impala?

    I cannot find my owners manual and i don't know how to dim my lights on my car. Today i got a warning to turn them down while pulling up to the gate (military post) and i tried everything to turn them down that i could think of but nothing did it. they come on automatically when it's dusk. this was the first time anyone ever yelled at me for it and it was a new person that i never seen before, i lived here a year and always use that gate at night and she was the only one to say anything. if they are not able to be dimmed just say so because i think they can't be dimmed. apparently she thought my high beams were on too but they weren't.

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  • Question about itunes and ipod touch.?

    I want to buy my husband an itunes gift card but we have been having trouble with itunes on the computer and he doesn't want to sync it and lose all his things so if i buy the gift card can he go into itunes on his ipod touch and redeem it? or can we redeem it online and purchase things with it from the ipod?

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  • Can you help me with my windows vista/laptop problem?

    For some odd reason the computer crashed earlier and when i restarted it it would not let me log in to the user we have everything on. it will let us open another one but it has nothing on it that we need. for example the user we cannot log onto has all of our pictures,movies,and itunes on it. we get an error reading unable to load user profile, i have looked into it and found several solutions to the problem and tried the first 2. the third one is a little to complicated for me as i do not know how to back up the registry and all the other stuff it wants me to do. so is there another way to get our files from this other user account from the one we can log into? i tried opening up the user file but it says i don't have the security. Can someone try and help me easily recover these files?? if possible do it in dummy terms because i do not understand technical stuff.

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  • How can I reset my computer to the factory settings?

    I am wanting to reset my acer aspire 4520 to the original settings. I use the erecovery like the manual says but i do not know the password because it never had me make on and the one on it i do not know. Is there any other way to reset it without using a disc. ( it also didn't come with one of those)

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  • Why is my dog eating weird objects instead of his food?

    Recently my black lab had been eating just about everything he can sneak into. And it is not anything edible. 3 weeks ago he got into glass ornaments and ate 13 of them. I took him to the vet and they said he would be fine. So now he is eating the lights of my christmas tree. Yesterday I found 4 of them chewed off and he ate them. well he ate one whole one and the rest he just ate the glass. then just a few minutes ago my tree was shaking and i caught him eating more lights from my tree. He has food in his bowl. The same food he has been eating since he was a pup. I give him big bones to chew on and everything. He also swallows those whole sometimes as well and today he choked on a jumbone because he swallowed the entire thing. Besides glass he's also eaten some of my sons toys and swallowed a few toy cars as well. I haven't asked his vet because i figured he was still going through a puppy stage he's only 10 months old. but it's really getting to the point where i either have to leave him outside all day to lock him in his cage. which i really do not like doing. he also has chewed up every bed we have bought him and after we got tired of spending 20 or more for a new dog bed we put old pillows in there. He ate those up as well. He whimpers when he doesnt have anything to lay on and we put a sheet in there for him and he just puts it over his food and water bowl and ends up soaking it with the water. Anything someone could suggest to me? I know bored dogs get into things and all but he gets played with a lot of the time and then when we have to do something else is when he does this stuff. It's like he is doing it to get our attention or something.

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  • What kind of things should I get my dog for Christmas?

    I have a black lab and i want to get him some things for christmas like toys and treats and maybe even stuff a stocking with small bones or toys. I have a few things on the list like those big bones with the grease and fat on it, a dogzilla toy and some of his favorite beggin strip treats. Any other toy or treat suggestions for him? please give me a link if you can also. Oh yeah one more thing, I try to not get him stuffed toys because he tears them up within 5 minutes. Thanks for any suggestions.

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  • What are some fun things to do as a small family with little to no money?

    We are a small family. Just me and my husband and our 3 year old son. Right now we don't have much money to do things but we though about bowling and going to the movies as we have free tickets to the movies and bowling isn't expensive at our local alley but but are some other things we can to together that are fun and can do whether rain or shine??

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