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  • please help. I need to fill in p46 in section two do I put previous employers details or the new employer details?

    Please give correct information please. As this is very urgent. Thanks

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  • why am i so jealous? plz help...?

    i burn with fire when my boyfriend talks about other women. we been together for about 6 months i feel very loved by him .he is very caring and supportive. he says he does not mean it in the wrong way but i always end up getting hurt ans lashing out when he comments on other girls. i dont why im so jealous he gives me everything, but am so insecure , i dont want to feel like this its a horrible feeling thats eating me inside but i just cant help it. plz someone help. thanks a bunch.

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  • why does this happen to me plz someone help me...?

    hi to all i will be gratefull if someone could help me. i live with my boyfriend of 1 year and love him very much and he does also , but i get really angry and jealous when he talks of other women like if he is talking about a women who is goodlooking , i know he loves me but i dont why i feel i want to kill him because am so angry with him, i just want to get rid of him, plz tell me what i should do or what i shouldnt .....thanks a bunch .

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  • hi can someone please tell me. i want to immigrate to canada .am living in uk at the moment.?

    i want to move to canada permently.

    i have 2 young children. can someone tell me is this possible?

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  • What are libra men as husbands?

    please can anyone tell me what are libra men like as husbands because am about to marry one.

    we love each other very much but iv noticed he can be very possessive at times and jealous.

    is this normal.?

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  • Can anyone tell me what temperature will it be in india the months august and september?

    I want to go to punjab india but i dont know what the weather will be like, so please can anyone tell me what the temperature will it be in august and september, and whether august is the best month to go india in.i really want to go in august or september but which month is best .aug or sep?

    thanks a

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  • What are libras like as husbands?

    Im a cancer women who is marrying a libra man soon.

    we love each other very much i hav no doubhts about anything as such,

    but i jus wanted to know from other women whats its like to live with a libra man for the rest of your life.

    as far as i know he is very sweet and charming and romantic and also a also puts up with alot of my moodiness aswell thats why i love him so much.

    please any advice will be helpfull thanks.

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  • what does my dream indicate? what is it trying to tell me?

    Iv been having horrible dreams lately its been a few months now please can someone tell me why?

    I dream of a man seting fire to himself and he is on fire.

    he is burning right infront of my eyes.

    its so upsetting for me .

    its so horrible to watch this in my dream am so dusturbed by it i want to stop.

    but i hav this dream many times a week.

    can someone please help me.


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  • Does age gap make a difference in a marriage?

    Hi im going out with this guy , we are very much in love.

    but the only problem is he is 22yrs old and im 30 yrs old. i also hav 2 children from my ex , hes very good with my children aswell.

    we love him very much and we get on well with each other, he really cares about me.

    iv dated many men but it never worked we was never compatible but this guy and me really get well and hav a good understanding of each other.

    it dont seem to metter to him , but i sometimes feel insecure cause he is aloy younger than me.

    id never leave him for the world i love him so much and so does he.

    i want to know is it wrong to marry someone that younger than you,and will it work long term.

    can someone give me advice , maybe someone with experience already.

    Cheers alot!!

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  • Plz help,i fell and broke my wrist they hav operated on me and i had metal parts put in and screws in ?

    it to put it back into place. its been very painfull.

    i want to know how will it take to heal please if anyone has any experianece of this and could u please tell me.

    im 30 yrs old.

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  • plz help,my bf and are very much in love and hav a good understanding of each other.but....?

    He recently contacted his ex gf ,he said he jus wanted to talk to her,and ask how she was.

    this has really broken my heart ..but he says that he is being truthfull becoz he has atleast told me the truth and not hid it from me.

    he is virgo and im cancerian we argue alot but our love always brings us close again and we foget why we was arguing about,

    he is very straightforward and says he has no feeling for her in his heart for her,

    but im finding it hard to understand why he needs to contact her when he has me?

    plz help am i being silly ?

    i love him so much but dont want to be treated second class.

    does he really love me or is he still in love with her?

    im 29 and hes 31.

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  • My virgo boyfriend can seem very loving 1 day and detached another day, is this normal .?

    he can be self-centred sometimes which can be frustrating for me as im cancerian girl ,

    but otherwise he is very loving and we hav good understanding with each other and are very good friends.i really love him to bits but he never tells me what in his heart.can someone tell me are virgo men like this or what?

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  • hi , could any one tell me how to make salsa?

    or american salsa plz


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  • does my boyfriend want to break up with me?

    hes my best friend, i can rely on him if im feeling low, and hes very caring aswel.

    but its been a few days hes been acting wierd,he says something and does another and was rude to me yesterday aswel, which hurt becoz it was first id heard him say that , but what shook me was when he implied "im trying to escape you".

    when i try and get close to him he pushes me away.

    he knows how much i love him.

    i think he has feelings for me aswel but hes jus too scared to show them.cud hes been hurt in the past as i now from him.

    other than that he does not want to loose contact with me and neither do i.

    im confused as i dont know where i stand with him.

    iv never put any pressure on him i jus want his love and be happy ,but now im thinking maybe im jus in his way and he does want to escape.

    would it make him happy if i did not contact him.

    any advice would be helpfull thanks.

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  • Has anyone been to Denmark, if yes is it a nice place or what, and is it a bit like britain, plz tell me i wan

    copenhagen is where i want to go ,if anyone has been there b4 jus give a few details. thanks.

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  • plz help,i think my male friend hates me, cuz i get jealous sometimes.?

    hes been very good to me he is always there to listen to me and vice versa.

    but jus recently i jus feel so jealous when he refers to other girls as being pretty. i dont know why, but it hurts and he does not even realise it,

    i dont want to loose him, and dont want to loose my selfrespet either. most of the times when i get jealous i jus bite my tongue, but sometimes its very hard to control..hes a very cool sort of guy .but i think one day he might tell me to get lost.

    plz help im 29 and hes 31 we are both adults.

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  • has anyone had a tummy tuck, and liposuction, im 29 and want this surgery as im not happy with my body,?

    could anyone tell meet about there experience and the afteraffects and how long it took to heal ,and also were the results worth it in the end.

    i hav had 2 children and my stomach looks terrible , it has knocked down my confidence big time .

    plz tell me .all answers will be appreciated.

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  • are virgos compatible with cancerians?

    my partner is virgo and im cancerian,hes very straightforward, and im quite senstive.from his reaction it seems he loves me alot and i him, but he never shows his feelings , is it becoz of his star sign or is he jus to laid back, im always craving for him to be more open but he seems detached.

    plz help. hes 30 and im 29.

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  • hi, plz help, me , me and my partner feel the the need to make love.?

    we know each other frm a many months and are very much in love and also we are best friends aswel,and are always there for each other. theres a good understanding with each other.

    but theres only one thing that bothers me,he is a virgin, never had a sexual relationship with anyone, and im well experienced,it does not bother him, but i feel shy ,he has spent most of his life and brain in studying and never bothered abt intimate stuff like this ,but now with me he really wants to,

    how shud i start with him and shud i be very open with my ideas and needs with him as he has no experience?

    plz help.

    he is virgo and im cancerian and want him to make love to me all the time , but am a bit afraid by what his reaction will be as it will be his first time.

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  • my partner is virgo and im cancer but i dont now why he does not why he is not open about his feelings towards

    he is very loving otherwise, very protective and caring , but very obstinant aswell,i feel neglected sometimes with him, but he says its jus his nature.

    Ii this true are all virgo men very straight forward and laid back?

    i love him to bits and he does too, but he jus does not express himself the way id like him to, as im cancerian im very sensitive ,and he doesnt realise it .

    plz help. any advice will be appreciated. thanks.

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