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  • Why is my 2011 Camry shuddering?

    When the car is idling and I turn the Air Conditioner on, the car starts to vibrate/shudder. I've noticed the RPMs drop to about 600 when this happens.

    Turn the A/C off and it returns to normal. Never did this before ; just started this spring. The car has been serviced by Toyota as per schedule.

    Any ideas???

    1 AnswerToyota8 years ago
  • Jetta 2011 and 2012 (gas, not diesel) experiences.?

    Am in the market for a used 2011 or 2012 Jetta. Would appreciate some info from actual drivers of these two model years. Good or bad. State model, engine size, mileage on car, any problems, good points, etc.

    OWNERS only , please. Here's your chance to vent or brag....

    2 AnswersVolkswagen8 years ago
  • Why is my Toyota Camry so sensitive to wind gusts?

    Just returned from a 2000 mile roadtrip in our 2011 Camry. We had 3 average sized adults, luggage etc and usually a full tank of fuel. I noticed the car was 'riding low' on its springs.

    At interstate speeds, the car was blown all over the road. When passing or being passed by trucks, we were pushed away.

    Needless to say it was not a good driving experience.

    The Toyota Dealership told me to install TRD heavy duty springs . They cost $300 and to install them would be $300 more. Plus the alignment of $90. So before I spend $700 , is there anyone who has suffered this malady of being wind-blown?

    Did the TRD springs solve the problem? Any other solution?

    4 AnswersToyota9 years ago
  • Attention 2012 Ford Focus owners! How do you set the cruise control?

    Just took delivery of a 2012 Focus SE from the Rental Company. There is no owners manual in it.

    Need detailed instructions on how to find the button, knob or stalk area.

    Then tell me how to set it please.


    1 AnswerFord9 years ago
  • Anyone else experiencing uneven tire wear on 2011 Camry?

    Tires worn at 13k. Dealer states alignment OK. Had to buy 4 new tires.

    Any ideas or cure?

    7 AnswersToyota9 years ago
  • Why is my Palm plant "feathering"?

    I have a 4' indoor Palm in a 20" pot.

    The leaves/fronds are turning brown beginning at the tips. Then the leaves begin fraying/feathering, also starting at the tips.

    This is happening to the outside stalks only. The older ones.

    There are new shoots coming up from the inside.

    #1 Should I cut the feathering branches off? [They seem old and tattered]. So that the new shoots have room?

    #2 If so, is it best to cut or break them off?

    #3 Is it normal for Palms to look like this?

    #4 Am I watering enough; too much?

    Sorry, I do not know the type of Palm. It was a gift.

    I sure would like to keep it healthy......

    1 AnswerGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • How do I get mold/mildew odor from recently cleaned carpet?

    I rented a Rug Dr. cleaning machine and now I have a moldy smell from some areas on the carpet. I would prefer a natural product if possible. (This is wall-to-wall carpeting, so I dont know if water is in my padding under the carpet).

    I will call a pro next time ...... but I could use some help now.

    2 AnswersCleaning & Laundry1 decade ago