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Since 2004 I have been providing information for British Migrants to Australia, and now use my new site for information storage.

  • The cost of glasses (Spectacles) in the Philippines?

    How much do glasses cost in the Philippines?

    I am looking to buy a new pair soon, but will probably be in Manila next month, and am just wondering if I should wait and buy them there.

    The Titanium Rimless ultra thin 1.67 with Transition Multifocal variable lenses would cost me A$770 in Australia, That is about 33,000P. What would be an approx price in Manila ?

    5 AnswersPhilippines9 years ago
  • Do Australian tax payers pay for Mary Donaldson to visit Australia ?

    I am curious but can't find any detail on this, but some say that Mary Donaldson, Crown Princess of Denmark, has her travel costs to Australia paid by the Australian Taxpayer.

    Is anyone able to provide a confirmed source for this ?

    3 AnswersOther - Australia9 years ago
  • How much does beer cost in an Australian Pub?

    I rarely go to pubs or clubs, and am wondering how much a beer is these days in an RSL or similar.

    Please tell me the price (and drink size) and which State.


    7 AnswersGeneral - Australia1 decade ago
  • Wages in Britain?

    I would like to compare "actual" wages between Britain and Australia these days.

    I know that in Feb 2008, the average annual UK wage was £455.77pw and the average Australian wage was $1,173.50 according to official figures detailed at( but I would like to know what the REAL wages are like.

    So can anyone tell me what these occupations earn in Britain these days: Gross per hour would help.

    Supermarket Checkout Operator

    Policeman with X years exp.

    Electrician Employed (not self employed)

    Office Clerk (payroll for example)


    4 AnswersOther - United Kingdom1 decade ago
  • Where in Queensland can you see a Rabbit ?

    Where in Queensland can you see a Rabbit ?

    I know the following:

    A permit cannot be issued for keeping pet rabbits of any variety for any private purpose.

    A permit to keep domestic rabbits in Queensland can only be approved if the animal is being kept for an approved purpose:

    • public entertainment – certain forms of public entertainment, including magicians and circuses

    • scientific and research purposes – universities only

    • Permits will not be issued to mobile farms or pet stores.

    Permits to breed rabbits are only issued to recognised scientific institutions. Breeding of rabbits for any other purpose is an offence.

    But does anyone know where one can be seen under the above public entertainment condition, in Queensland?

    5 AnswersGeneral - Australia1 decade ago